Cheekh Episode 15 Review: Mannat stands strong

The psychological thriller drama serial Cheekh on aired its 15th episode, intensifying the suspense of the story making us hooked to the screens till the end and leaving us craving for more. For us, the credit for the incredible story goes to the writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah who has churned out an inspiraing tale which has been equally well directed by Badar Mehmood. Emaad Irfani, Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas and Aijaz Aslam have come up with brilliant performances in the play. 

The episode begins when Mannat’s mother gets a threatening sign at her doorstep. Mannat’s burnt dupatta. She is scared and she begs Mannat to back off from the case but Mannat stands firm on her decision.Later when she and her mother are out for grocery shopping Wajih sends some goons to their house who turn it upside down. However, rather than be scared, Mannat fights back like a tigress, registering another FIR against Wajih.

The way Shayan is supporting Mannat is melting our hearts, it is the ideal way any husband should support wife, against all odds. Shayan talks openly to Wajih about his retaliation telling him how he needs to grow  a backbone before he can attack Mannat.

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Yawar is stuck in his own personal issues and differences with his wife. This episode in fact showed Yawar’s true colors how he is not less than Wajih. Yawar too manipulates the facts which has led to the audience discover how he forged reports to show his wife was infertile where as in reality, he is the one who cannot become a father.

Shayan’s warnings have not brought down Wajih’s antics to harass Mannat. He tries all that he can but Mannat is still standing strong. She along with Shayan have now hired a lawyer to fight Nayab’s case. What needs to be seen is whether Shayan will go to all lengths to support his wife or will he too fall back?

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Rameeza Nasim

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  • I LOVE Cheekh.

    Even though it has its' flaws here and there in terms of the plot, the major one being that Mannat in all the time, where she was living with Wajih failed to record his harassment on her smartphone. It would be the logical thing to do when he was verbally taunting her daily. Like in the kitchen where he admitted to his crime - again.

    I have watched Emmad Irfani in a few other dramas but never really taken notice of his acting though his handsome looks are not lost on women. But the way he owns Shayans role and his expressions are probably his best acting to date. He just captures Shayans feelings so well. Shayan supports his wife as husbands should. In reality who does that? But while this is entertainment, characters such as his may slowly invite more men to treat their wives with trust, love and support. Its when the you are met with trials in life that you know who your real family and friends are. Most pakistani men would have handed Mannat a divorce and reviled her in court to really tarnish her reputation and make her out to be a trouble maker who couldnt even keep a husband. Speaking the truth is an islamic and moral obligation even you are speaking against your own family. Look it up. Its in the Quran.

    After all the misogynistic crappy plots we are indoctrinated with in other dramas, Cheekh is refreshing with Mannat and Shayans true love. Not the kind thats around only through the good times. There is love, respect and trust. MUTUAL. What more could anybody ask for? The way he stands up for her. No words. Men dont know what this does to a woman. Her love just grows thousand folds. Nothing compares.

    On the other spectrum you have Yawar. I had an inkling the problem was his and not his wifes especially how he for the second time berated his wife for addressing their infertility. For the second time he also told her she was an incompete woman. He is not some noble man who has given up the prospect of having a child because he loves his wife. No instead he makes her think she cant have children and humiliates her because his ego cant handle his lack of being a man. He treats as a child. Not an equal. Or a wife. It is amazing that even educated women fail to get second opinion in such cases. You dont have to tell your husband. Just find an independent specialist and run the tests again. Lack of fertility is viewed as a legitimate reason for divorce by scholars. Instead she wasted 5 years on a man who treats her like trash. All the females in that house just languish around the house doing absolutely nothing. Dont rich people have any activities? Studies, work, charity? Cheekh shows misogyny even exists in rich homes, and the institutionalized and systematic corruption makes it possible for people like Yawar and Wajih to get away with crimes. Changing reports, bribing the police etc.

    I just hate that we have to wait an entire week for a new episode. Who do I have to bribe to get all the episodes now? Seriously.

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