Cheekh Episode 17 Review: Wajih and his cheap tactics

Cheekh the psychological thriller which has been one of the most popular drama serial in the running, the favorite of masses and the critics as well, has on aired another episode which although was intense but did nothing to uplift the slow pace of the story.  Wajih is continuing his cheap tactics to harass Mannat and Nayab’s father.

Saba Qamar and Emmad Irfani’s amazing chemistry is making them one of our favorite onscreen couple whereas Bilal Abbas has not only impressed the audiences with his acting, he has won hearts and praises all over with his performance.

Mannat, despite everything that is going around her, finds herself in a happy space. Shayan is there to support her through thick and thin and she wouldn’t want it any other way. The couple gets the biggest happiness of their married life, Mannat is pregnant and Shayan is there to take care of her and they both are extremely happy to get this biggest blessing of their lives.

On the other hand, beside being a persistent supporter of Wajih, Yawar has also wronged his wife too. He is a bad man with a weak character and a bad husband too. He hides his weakness of not becoming a father and in fact starts blaming her wife for infertility by coming up with fake medical reports. The truth is now revealed to Shawar as she gets her checkup done by herself from a gynecologist and there she gets to know that she is perfect to become a mother. Now Shawar is playing a game with Yawar she tells him that she is pregnant this news makes him extremely worried.

Wajih’s evil lawyer is suggesting him more evil and cheap tactics to harass Mannat. He suggests him that Mannat’s mother lives alone so he should do something with her in order to scare Mannat and he also sends goons to Nayab’s father to threat him. Nayab’s father also suggests Mannat to take back the case as he cannot bear to see Mannat suffer like this and her name and honor is also being used but Mannat stays strong on her point saying she has no worries as her husband is on her side.

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Wajih on the other side is hitting more lows and this time he very artfully abducts Mannat’s mother and then he calls Mannat to inform that in his own way. This scares the hell out of Mannat and she begins a frantic search for her mother. Wajih on the other hand is relaxed and calm and h tells Haya that whatever he said about Mannat on video is all lie he wants to take revenge from her for his insult but then when Haya wants to inquire about Asad and Mannat’s scandal Wajih simply refuses to reply. Well Haya should have the brains to understand that when her cheap brother can hit that low and vilify Mannat’s character he should have been lying in this case too.

Nothing has developed in terms of story for now, the case is still being in the court without any significant breakthrough. Cheekh needs to pick up pace, because even strong performers fail if the story fails to grasp the audience.

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Rameeza Nasim

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  • Ok my impression wasnt that he abducted Mannats mother. That didnt cross my mind. He could have beaten her up and left her to die in the storage room outside the house. Or he could have killed her and burried her there.

    But yes abduction is probably but somehow I dont think thats what happened. He will go to any length to harrass Manat and make her back down from her case.

    When you fight for Justice and truth, you must know, that Justice will not always be served. You take on this battle and you must face a lot. Character assassination in media, family and society, your closest family/spouse will disown you (because well you know "izzat" and all), harassment, bribery and possible murder. Our society and system is inherently corrupt. Nobody can fight for truth and Justice. Victims will continue to suffer until corruption is eliminated and families learn that they have been abusing the word "izzat and their loyalty should be with the victim, not society. People talk and will talk. Thats what they do. Pay no attention and be strong.

    Unfortunately Mannats husband is a rarity. Shayan is love. Pure love. His unwavering support and loyalty. OMG - its beautiful. But this does not really happen in real life. I hope that this drama and the role of Shayan will have a positive contagious effect on male viewers. Stop being mamas boys and under your families. Your loyalty should lie with the woman you marry. Treat her with kindness, trust her unconditionally and be her libaas as she is yours and have love in your hearts and she will be yours forever. Shayan trusts his wife against his entire family. Thats marriage. She has him. Her biggest strength. Any woman with a husband like Shayan, cherish him and know you are truly blessed.

    Our culture must eliminate corruption and stop worshipping misogyny. This is not Islam. If you cant trust your wife and take her side then you are not fit to be called a husband. Women are expected to stand by their husbands even if they are liars, cheaters, criminals, drugaddicts, womanizers, promiscuous. Men just walk away at the slightest sign of trouble because of their fragile and small izzat and big egos. Horrendous.

    Also joint family system is mainly to cater to mamas boys while forcing the wife to settle into somebody else home with not much say or comfort of her own. If she can leave her family and come live with you then you can do the same. It does not mean you let your family go. Keep in touch like she will keep in touch with her family...thats unless you stop her as many do demanding you ask for permission to go see your parents and your parents can not visit you when they like at your inlaws home.

    Anyways be more like Shayan or dont bother getting married. Marriage is a beautiful think but it is not a womans job to be submissive and obey your every whim. It is a bond based on respect, love and trust. Mutually. If you cant not honour then stay single. I love Mannat and Shayans bond and Cheekh as a drama I also love. I just hope they dont ruin it towards the end. The intmacy show between husband and wife is to die for. It is in bad times, you learn the value of your life companion, family and friends. The fake ones will seperate from the real ones like oil from water.

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