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Cheekh Episode 18 Review: Pick up pace please

The drama needs a monumental development now


 Badar Mehmood’s brilliant direction and excellent portrayal of their respective characters by Saba Qamar, Emaad Irfani, Aijaz Aslam and Bilal Abbas have definitely given Cheekh the top spot in all drama ratings today. However, we feel that the plot is very slow paced. Not weak but slow paced so much so that over the weeks we have had no significant development in the play at all.

This week saw episode 18 airing and yet Wajih’s truth is to come out in front of the public and the law. He’s roaming free like a wild beast, destroying all that he wants, doing everything he pleases.

So Mannat finds her mother locked up in a store and goes to Wajih’s place to insult him for resorting to such low blows. She does not only stop at that but hits Wajih hard and clearly tells Yawar how wrong he is in supporting Wajih.

Haya who is listening to everything connects all the dots and understands the actual situation.

Haya visits Mannat and finally has things settle down, with their equation coming back to normal. On the other hand we see Yawar divorcing his wife upon finding out he’s still infertile. In his rage he accepts that he could never father a child and had fake reports to which Shawar says that she had done the same. However, nothing calms Yawar down and he divorces his wife in anger.

Haya finds everything extremely disturbing and confides in Mannat, who takes stress and is bed ridden. Her lawyer has to plead her absence because of her illness from court proceedings and therefore is granted a new date giving Wajih more time to manipulate things in his own favor.


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