Cheekh Episode 19 Review: Finally some developments!

Finally we can say that this week’s episode of Cheekh showed some significant development. The slow paced plot is definitely picking up its pace. Wajih is hitting more lows and poor Mannat is facing lot of pain and hardships fighting to get justice for Nayab, even losing her unborn child to the stress Wajih puts her through. The plot is very artfully penned down by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and brilliantly directed by Badar Mehmood. And if that wasn’t enough, Bilal Abbas’s incredible performance as Wajih and Saba Qamar as Mannat have truly added more value to the Cheekh.

The episode begins in the court room where Wajih’s lawyer is literally crucifying Poor Ramazan with his brutal questioning and it seems like poor old Ramazan is not able to reply to all his cross questioning. On the other hand, Mannat is at home when but gets caught by Wajih as soon as she steps out to get medicines for her mother.

Mannat gets terrified to see Wajih on the road and there Wajih challenges her and starts speeding up his car behind her, Mannat starts running and eventually falls off badly and which results in the loss of her pregnancy. Poor Shayan is so broken to hear this news but he remains at Mannat’s side, taking best of her care and consoling her. Mannat shares with Shayan that it is because of Wajih that she has fallen on the road and it is because of him that they have lost their baby. He has literally killed their child.

Yawar is now regretting over his conduct of divorcing his wife in anger. He is supporting Waji in all his wrong doings but he is not as evil as him, there is still some goodness left in him which is making him regret over his decision. Wajih’s reaction and the way he is trying to console his brother just says that he is absolutely heartless. Yawar tells Haya to take some sweets and goodies for Shayan’s child as it will be their first child of the family. Haya goes but then she learns about the horrific incident and she is super shocked to know that Wajih is the reason behind all this. She is literally speechless and she is sincerely consoling Mannat on her loss.

Shayan is so broken after that incident, it is one touching scene when he comes back from the hospital and finds the stuff he had bought for his child and cries his heart out. It is then shown that he takes that stuff to Yawar at home and tells him that he had bought that stuff long before his marriage for the first child of their family but since Yawar didn’t have one, he kept those for his own baby. However, he tells Yawar clearly how Wajih made sure he didn’t become a father as well by killing off his baby. Yawar is shocked.

Will Yawar now support Wajih in his antics or will he now put an end to everything and step up to his arrogant younger brother. Cheekh has entertained people for so long and now, finally, the plot has picked up pace becoming engaging once again.

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Rameeza Nasim

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  • I loved this drama since the start. Emphasis on past tense. Episode 19 and ARY decided to ruin a perfectly good recipe. If it aint broke, dont fix it. But I did worry they might ruin it halfway through just like with all dramas. It started as a whodunnit mystery and then turned into a welcome game of cat and mouse. The diabolical Wajih against the righteous Mannat (and husband). What a treat that WAS.

    Episode 19 bored me out of my wits. The spoiler for #19 had already made it predictable. When you spoil the plot it is not called a promo or teaser, ARY. Your editors must be complete imbecils. Why give away the plot? In addition the intelligent Mannat has suddenly turned all around stupid. She was always seen in a car yet now she decides to go to a nearby pharmacist, knowing 1) Wajih is on the loose, 2) Wajih has already attacked her mother, Nayabs father, and is capable of anything, 3) she is pregnant and already under stress. Why wouldnt you let your guards down and walk out of your house while being obviously tailed by a car? Right? Not. WHO does that?

    The pharmacy and bazar are shown to be indeed in walking distance to the house. Yet on the way back Mannat (AFTER being confronted and threatened by Wajih) of course once again shuts down her brain and starts walking on the road, where the cars are driving instead of the footpath. Not only does that defy logic but this is not the way back to her home. Consistency must be lost on ARY. It would have made more sense to have her car get crashed by Wajihs car.

    No person up against somebody cunning and connected like Wajih is going to walk out of their home and just stroll down the street. Her mom was not dying. She could have called her husband using a P H O N E. She could also have called the pharmacy and asked them to deliver the meds at home against an extra surcharge. Its not like she is poor. Going out alone was never an option.

    The first sign this drama started going down hill was, when Mannats lawyer disclosed her pregnancy to the court. Most people dont even tell their relatives until "safe stage" (usually after 3 months). But here Mannat risks losing her child so why give away her weakness? I guessed they would lose the baby. Mannat, have you met Wajih?

    This episode was such a disappintment and filled with silly fillers like the women running their mouths at the pharmacy, then the scene with the staff of Yawar and Haya. Haya suddenly has no trouble believing Mannat whereas she was a staunch opponent even mocking mannat for "stealing" her fiance. I wouldnt trust Haya as far as I could throw her. She is fickle minded and has lost all credibility.

    The story HAD so much going for it. It could have been the first court room drama with dirty tactics by Wajih and courage struggle from Mannat. Evidence, witnesses and with the outside the court scheming by Wajih. Instead we have a judge who looks like a demented grandfather who has run away from home, an incompetent lawyer from camp Mannat and a straightup slimeball lawyer from camp Wajih. We see that apparently you can defame people without evidence. The way Ramzan, Nayabs father, was cross examined called for multiple objections. Of course nobody made sure to obtain a copy of Nayabs "Wajih Bheriya hai" statement. So the police will conveniently throw it out and instead fabricate the statement sponsored by Yawar and Wajih. Could this be any more ridiculous? Key evidence must be in possession of both lawyers before they even go to court for preparation. But only in Pakistan do we completely make a mockery of law. So corruptionwise its spot on. But plotwise no. Mannat would have made sure to get photocopies and both she and Ramzan are witnesses to Nayabs written statement. Mannat should have taped the police officer with his selfie rants.

    I wish I could sue ARY. This is how badly they butchered this drama. So I wont be tuning in every saturday and may give it a miss. If I need an update I can just Watch the, .excuse me...."teasers". ARY you OWE me 19x38 minutes.

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