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Cheekh Episode 21 Review: The plot is going around in circles!

Week after week we bring the same story when it comes to Cheekh’s review. Its been 21 episodes but Mannat’s fight for justice hasn’t even come close to completion. Her life and her trial in the court is going in circles. A weak plot, a slow pace and no development is definitely not helping Cheekh at all. 

So what happened this week?

The episode begins when Wajih’s lawyer has almost crucified Ramazan Chacha with his cross questioning. He has already bribed the police office to alter Nayab’s statement but here steps in Mannat’s lawyer who demands a forensic test to be conducted for Wajih. The request is accepted.


Wajih is absolutely panicked knowing he might be caught but his lawyer again has a plan to use his money to buy the test results in his favor. He is also cooking something against Mannat and shares his plan with Yawar and Wajih. Although Yawar seems reluctant but Wajih charges him once again against Mannat.


Mannat’s poor old mother is getting threat calls from unknown numbers and it has scared the hell out of that poor lady. However Mannat tries to relax her. This time Shayan is more resolute than Mannat for this case as according to him, now Mannat and he should also fight for their lost child alongside seeking justice for Nayab. Shayan gives courage and strength to his broken wife, pushing her morale up.


The drama has definitely lost is spark because it has gone entirely in the wrong direction with Mannat being sentenced to a mental asylum. Its high time Mannat needs to get justice for Nayab. Wajih’s atrocities are growing but the writer needs to put a stop to everything and roll up the drama. 21 episodes down, the plot stands nowhere close to conclusion and people are beginning to lose interest. No doubt the direction and acting has been brilliant by the entire cast but a weak story will not help Cheekh at all, even when big names like Saba Qamar, Aijaz Aslam and even Bilal Abbas are attached to it.

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