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Cheekh Episode 22 Review: Unnecessarily dragged!

Initially Cheekh started off to be a good watch, however, as time passed, it turned out to be, not only a copy of an Indian film, it started to drag, go off topic and show unnecessary exploitation of the people trying to fight for justice. The last few episodes of the drama have been nothing but absolutely unnecessary and dragged, offering nothing new to the audience. And the verdict passed in the recent episode has made us tune off Cheekh for good. Perhaps we’ll now only watch the last episode to find out if something good turned out for Mannat.

So what happened in this episode that went on air after two whole weeks?

The episode begins with the court room scene where Mannat’s lawyer calls Police Inspector for cross questioning, he has shamelessly tempered Nayab’s death bed statement according to which Nayab accepted that she committed suicide. The case is closed as there is nothing to investigate in it when Nayab herself committed suicide. On that Mannat’s lawyer brings a witness Shariq into the court and asks him that has he ever was called for investigation? Shariq tells the court yes he was called by the same Police Officer for investigation. Police Inspector denies but then Mannat’s lawyer jumps into the debate and does cross questioning with Shariq and asks him about the night and later proves that Shariq was heavenly drunk at that night and therefore isn’t reliable at all.


The next witness is Mannat herself, who is confident but Wajih’s lawyer very artfully cross questions her that she gets confused and he is successful in puzzling her. Mannat tells the court that Police Inspector called her after the second day of Nayab’s death and also showed her statement in which Nayab told him to tell Mannat ” Raja Bheriya Nikla” she further explains that we friends used to call Wajih raja. However, her way of explanation is a bit confusing and Wajih’s lawyer takes advantage of it and he is successful in proving her irrelevant.


The worst happens when Wajih’s lawyer brings Mannat’s own mother in the court who states that Mannat is not mentally stable since the past 15 years and is under treatment by a psychiatrist. Wajih’s lawyer also comes up with fake forensic reports of Wajih and moreover fake reports of Mannat’s mental instability. A fake Psychiatrist is also brought into the witness box, it is a guy which Mannat has never met in her entire life he says that he is treating Mannat for past 8 years and he has already recommended her mother to put her in a mental hospital for treatment.


In the light of all fake reports and witnesses, court declares Wajih innocent. Ramzan is fined 5 lac rupees for defaming Wajih and his family,  Mannat is declared mentally unsound and ordered to be sent to mental asylum. Mannat is shocked to see her mother calling her mad in the court and she knows that she has done that under some pressure. Mannat’s mother then confesses in front of Shayan that she has done that for Mannat’s life.

Completely senseless is what we’ll call this episode of Cheekh. Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas and Emad Irfani are three talents absolutely gone waste with Cheekh’s dragging story. Its best if something monumental happens in the next few episodes, before the audience quit watching the drama entirely.

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