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Cheekh Episode 24 Review: Mannat faces another loss

Although painstakingly slow, Cheekh is perhaps winding up. However, there has been no justice served and from what it looks like, it might just not be done so. Mannat has lost so much in her fight for justice and yet she refuses to give us. Being locked in a mental asylum, losing her child and now her mother, Mannat has had a hell of a ride following Nayab’s case. Although Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas have given such fine performances in Cheekh, the dragging story has lost the audience’s interest, with many who have quit watching the show because of the height of unreal atrocities being shown in the drama.

This week’s episode begins when poor Mannat is living in the mental asylum with all mentally challenged women and she finds the atmosphere there suffocating her. Mannat’s mother as it was shown in the previous episodes passes away due to her illness.

Shariq and Haya arrange for Mannat’s day off from the asylum and get her home for a day on Shariq’s guarantee so that she can attend her mother’s funeral. It is a heart wrenching scene when Mannat senses that something really bad has happened and that is why Shariq and Haya come to take her instead of Shayan.


Mannat insists that she wants to call Shayan and gets relaxed when she talks to him but the seen where she sees her mother’s dead body is absolutely heart breaking. Mannat has lost so much in her battle of justice. She lost her child, her house,  the case and now she has also lost her mother. However despite of all this and the ever growing hardships, Mannat has one good thing in her life, her husband. Shayan is always at her side and she has his full support.


Well one wonder what kind of stonehearted person Wajih’s lawyer is? As he snubs the Doctor for letting Mannat go out for a day despite of knowing the fact that her mother has died. It seems like he is more enthusiastic in ruining Mannat than Wajih himself. He orders the doctor to be more strict with Mannat and also to dose her with heavy injections so she actually gets mentally unsound. The doctor suggests that it would be very risky as her husband is himself a doctor and can challenge them but Wajih’s lawyer want to take his revenge as Mannat dared to confront him.


Well Mannat is still in grief and it is just the very same day her mother died and she has to go back to the mental asylum. The way she is resisting to go and then Shayan helpless takes her to that place is so heart breaking but then he spends the whole night there holding her hand across the bars. One really wonders about why Shayan being a doctor himself, doesn’t challenge the court’s orders and have Mannat tested in his own supervision if it is possible?

For now we’re really waiting for some monumental development in Cheekh, which by far is nowhere to be seen.

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