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Cheekh Episode 25 Review: What’s going on?!

So the recent episode of Cheekh, made us literally go WTF!!!! What are the makers trying to portray? That those who are innocent, always end up suffering? That money has the power to buy justice but luck as well? The drama is headed in an absolutely trash direction, without any sense of purpose anymore. No mental asylum is run on the basis of power, where a lawyer can convince a psychiatrist to drug a patient without any medical supervision. Cheekh, portrays the height of atrocities and in doing so, has lost the interest and respect of the viewers.

The week’s episode begins when Aqilzada is convincing Mannat’s psychiatrist to give her heavy doses so that she actually becomes mad. Despite of Psychiatrist’s resistance and reluctance, Aqilzada is persistent, he wants to ruin her as she has dared to confront her. The psychiatrist maintains that Mannat’s husband is a doctor so they cannot dose her like that but Aqilzada is of the view that they can easily get away with it and Mannat’s husband is merely an innocent man, he would have feared if she had been Wajih’s wife.


There is a scene where Shariq is playing with Wajih and makes Waji confess his crime. Talking to Wajih, Shariq is trying to make Haya realize the fact that Waji is the real culprit. Wajih confesses shamelessly in front of Shariq that he threw Nayab from the roof top just because she slapped him and insulted him. Haya hears all this and she is really broken.


Well Wajih visits Mannat and she already being in grief loses her cool and gets a panic attack. She starts screaming and wants to hit him. The doctors got a reason to dose Mannat. Despite of Mannat’s own doctor’s resistance, the head psychiatrist gives heavy injections to her which can very dangerous for any patient, even though they are all aware of this fact. Luckily Shayan and Ramazan Chacha visit Mannat and they come to know that Mannat is hospitalized and there Shayan finds the prescription table and also that Mannat is getting heavily dosed. Moreover the doctor on duty too advised them to take stay order from court as soon as possible and take her out of this mess as he is totally helpless in all this situation.


Shayan on realizing that Mannat is deliberately being heavily dosed gets extremely furious, he leaves Ramazan Chacha at the hospital with Mannat and goes at his own place to get his pistol! He reaches at Yawar’s place in that same furious rage.

Shayan points his pistol towards Wajih but Yawar comes in between to save him and there is a tussle. However, we see Shayan pointing the pistol on himself and then there’s a gunshot. The drama ends on a suspense note keeping the audience guessing as to who is shot?

We feel Saba Qamar, Bilal Abbas and Emad Irfani, three actors who have given splendid performance in Cheekh are literally being wasted because of the drag the script has become. Badar Mehmood’s tight direction cannot also prevent the loopholes in the story, which is making everything go around in a circle, where Wajih emerges as the winner everywhere. We need an end to Cheekh ASAP.

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