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Cheekh Episode 26 Review: Will Mannat become Wajih’s doom?

Finally an episode that brought back the initial Cheekh excitement. Saba Qamar was bang on and so was Bilal Abbas. Aijaz Aslam too impressed with his performance as Yawar. All in all, this was a monumental episode, one that brought back the pace of the show and awakened interest of the audience. Mannat is now back to being her fierce self and she’ll avenge Shayan, who was killed (albeit accidentally) at the hands of Wajih.

So what happened in this week’s episode?

The episode begins when Shayan is pointing the pistol towards Wajih. Yawar comes in between trying to save him but then Shayan points the pistol towards himself and very artfully blackmails his brother that he will take his life if Yawar does not instruct the doctors to stop over dosing Mannat! Yawar says that he has not done anything like that. He calls his lawyer Aqalzada and he puts the call on speaker here the lawyer admits that he is deliberately over dosing Mannat so she actually gets mad. Yawar snubs him for doing that and stops him. Mannat is in very critically state as those injections were really very strong.


Fortunately Mannat’s condition is stablized once she’s out from the asylum and in the hospital while eventually Shayan gets stay order from the court. Shayan takes great care of Mannat, combing her hair, giving her meals and oiling her hair. Although Mannat gets affected with that heavy dosage but then we see her recovering with Shayan’s constant care.


Wajih comes to visit Shayan and during an altercation, he pushes Shayan so hard that his head hits a crystal piece and he gets critical injury and dies on the spot.


Unintentional and accidental, but Shayan is dead and Wajih is now traumatized. Yawar is totally broken on hearing this news and so is Haya. Mannat is still in shock and she is not crying or speaking anything. Police wants the maid’s and Mannat’s statement. Maid gives the statement that she saw Wajih coming to the house and he was having some hard arguments with Shayan when Wajih pushed him so hard that his head hit the crystal on the table. It is Mannat’s turn next but she is quiet.

What will Mannat tell the police? Will she take revenge on Wajih for Shayan or does she have another plan up her sleeve. All alone and helpless, Mannat will continue to be strong, this much we have seen in the promo of the next episode. But we’re eagerly waiting to find out how she’ll defeat Wajih, once and for all.

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