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Cheekh Episode 27 Review: Karma is about to hit Wajih hard

Wajih pretends that he is okay but his brother's death is eating him inside

cheekhCheekh Drama Reviews

So, ever since Shayan’s death, Cheekh has definitely picked up pace. Also this monumental development in the drama has marked a significant milestone in Mannat’s life. She has lost everything and will now fight back, just as Wajih did to her. She’s determined and fierce, more than ever, because she has absolutely nothing on her hand to lose. As much as we believe that fighting for justice does not truly mean you end up losing everything in life but because Cheekh is a drama, we give it this margin. And now, nearing its climax, we’re sure Mannat’s struggle and all the losses she bore with patience are now going to stir up a storm for Wajih in his life.

So what went down in this week’s episode of Cheekh? Read along to find out;

The episode begins when Mannat is asked by the police for her on scene statement. Mannat surprisingly saves Wajih by saying that it was an accident and Wajih has not intentionally killed her husband. Although this is the truth but it has surprised Wajih a lot, as he expected Mannat to not let go of a chance to punish him and put him behind bars.

However, he knows, Mannat being Mannat, will definitely have thought of something as she would never forgive Wajih for the crimes he has committed.

After killing his brother, albeit by accident, it seems karma is hitting Wajih hard. For the very first time Wajih is regretting his sin. Knowing he could never kill his brother but yet he did, Wajih is dying inside bit by bit.

Yawar on the other hand is not supporting Wajih anymore, he has prophesied that their brother’s death will now become the reason of Wajih’s death too and for the very first time in his life Wajih is experiencing the pain of loss of a beloved and is afraid.

In a parallel world, a middle aged widower shop owner comes at the house with a proposal of Ramzan’s daughter who is merely a teen. Nayab’s step mother, Ramzan’s wife, is shocked and this hits her hard making her realize her mistakes with Nayab and how she treated her. She is so terrified that she begs forgiveness from Ramzan for all her ill treatment with Nayyab and repents on her sins and past behavior.

Mannat has made her mind that after her iddaat she is really going to bring Wajih to a point where he himself will confess all his sins. She tells that to Wajih facing him, eyes in eyes  saying that she is going to fight with him like he did. Is Mannat not going to play fair? Well, only time will tell since Wajih has accepted Mannat’s challenge and assures her that he will never let regret get the better of him.

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