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Cheekh Episode 3 Review: Who is Raja?

Cheekh, a drama full of suspense and mystery has been winning the hearts of viewers all over. Saba Qamar’s incredible performance as Mannat and Bilal Abbas’s Wajih are certainly the highlight of the show, but we have Noor ul Hassan and Aijaz Aslam too, playing their characters convincingly.

The episode begins when the police tells all that Nayab had been subjected to a rape attempt. The news shatters Nayab’s father who has already become feeble following his daughter’s deteriorating condition.

Wajih’s elder brother, Yawar has restricted Mannat and Wajih to visit the hospital, stating the family’s reputation as his excuse. He does not want the family to be investigated since the crime was conducted at their home.


It is on Yawar’s advice that Nayab’s father takes the FIR back and asks the police to not pay heed to what his wife says. Zanjabeel is an amazing writer and the way the suspicion falls on a number of characters is just amazing. The scene where Wajih’s friend, Shariq (whom Wajih also refers to as Raja at times) states how he shouldn’t have sent him in. Now what does that imply. Did Shariq commit the crime himself? Did he see someone do it? But wait, didn’t Mannat also refer to Wajih as Raja in front of Nayab? Who could this raja be?


Nayab’s dialogues about Raja bhairiya nikla, is rather mysterious. Also Yawar has been acting rather suspicious but why so? Did Shariq see him doing something at home? And one more thing, why is the driver so uncomfortable and rather confused. What we are guessing is the involvement of Wajih, Shariq or Yawar in the entire incident which will definitely see Mannat standing against Wajih and then fighting Nayab’s battle all alone. Haya too has been becoming uncomfortable at a number of situations so perhaps even she will not side with Mannat when the time comes.

For now, Cheekh is bringing the right amount of suspense to out television screens and we’re rather intrigued by this drama.

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