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Cheekh Episode 4 Review: A big misunderstanding created!

Poor Nayab dies without uttering any word to Mannat except calling Waji


Cheekh drama serial on ARY on aired its fourth episode this Saturday and the play is getting more and more intense. Although the name of the culprit was revealed in the last episode but the suspense is still there because there is still so much more to know. Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas have given incredible performances for which credit goes to the director Badar Mehmood for brilliant direction and the writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah for penning down such an engaging, full of suspense story about fighting for justice. You also cannot ignore Aijaz Aslam and Noor Hassan in their respective roles because each supporting actor too is giving one hell of a performance in Cheekh.

The episode begins with the death of Poor Nayab who could not utter a single word to her beloved friend Mannat though she tried to talk to Wajih called his name but then unfortunately she could not utter anything else and died at the spot leaving her friends, Wajih and her poor father in grief. Mannat is the one who is deeply shocked by her death and she accompanies her at her last drive too in the ambulance, where Nayab’s body is being carried such a touchy scene it was.


Apart from the fact that the name of the actual culprit has been revealed to the audience as Nayab herself leaves a message for Mannat to the Police Officer saying that ” Mannat ko kehna Raja Behiriya hay ” However despite of such revelation it seems there is much more that we all need to know. Baray Bhaiya’s strange behavior in this situation, the suspicious driver who is still behaving so weird that he tries to touch the dead body’s feet! Why he is doing that?


While Mannat and Wajih seem to be really mourning Nayab’s death, her step mother is such a vile person as she tries to create a huge scene at Nayab’s funeral blaming Mannat and Haya for her death. However, there is more. Another person who tried to cash out of the situation was that corrupt Police Officer who firstly tried to offer a deal to Baray Bhaiya against some money but when Baray Bhaiya bluntly refused his offer and snubbed him, the officer shows his true colors.


Yes the officer is so dishonest that he changes Poor Nayab’s last words and the message which she has given to him for Mannat! He is such a detestable vile character that he has altered the poor victim’s message just for money! Yes that creepy corrupt officer calls Mannat and tells her that Mannat has given him a message and has revealed the culprit name and he is Wajih! Initially Mannat disagreed but officer is successful in seeding Mannat’s mind with doubt! Although her mother tries to clear her mind that these police officers are corrupt people and they are always after money making, but then that cunning officer also shared his version of Nayab’s message to Poor Nayab’s parents and they starts blaming and reacting towards Wajih accordingly.The scene ends when Mannat starts doubting Wajih again. Mannat and Wajih’s expressions respectively were simply awesome in the last few scenes. Bilal Abbas, although only a few dramas old knows how to deliver some fine performances, matching Saba Qamar step for step.

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