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Cheekh Episode 6 Review: Mannat finally finds out Wajih is the culprit!

In the latest of episode drama serial Cheekh, the long maintained suspense is over and this episode reveals the real culprit, yes Wajih is the wolf Nayab spoke about in her last moments! In the previous episode, base was already set for Wajih being the culprit as all the evidences and events went against him. The plot has been incredibly written by Balaa famed writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah and brilliantly directed by Badar Mehmood, giving us one after another jolt with the happenings on screen.

The episode begins when Mannat starts investigating about Wajih on her own after meeting Shariq. He tells Mannat that he had seen Wajih and Nayab on the stairs but then he went back to his house even before that incident happens. Mannat tries to confirm about what Shariq told her from their other friends. However, rather than cooperating, Wajih’s friends behave weirdly making Mannat embarrassed. They also inform Wajih about what Mannat is up to, making him even more mad than he already is.


The suspense in the play was just perfectly carried through out the previous episodes and now the reality is unfolding in the episode. The driver reveals in this episode that he is genuinely a good person. He liked Nayab and he shared his feelings with his co worker that he was really ashamed about once saying that he would marry her if nobody would but he asked for forgiveness  by touching her dead body’s feet.


The curiosity in Mannat has not died, it has even risen more, she desperately wants to unravel the reality. She even gets hold on the spare keys and goes right in Wajih’s walking closet to know the reality! Well Mannat is a really brave and daring girl. she is risking her own relationship and happiness just because she want justice for her friend. Mannat digs into the closet and there she finds another strong evidence! The sherwani that Wajih wore that day is there in the closet but it is torn from the front! Right at that moment when Mannat is contemplating on that sherwani, Wajih enters and finds Mannat.


Wajih confesses but he shows no remorse. He narrates the whole scene how he himself called Nayab on the rooftop and told her how she was not his type. He offers her a settlement which maddens Nayab and she slaps him. He narrates how this entices him and he tries to rape her but being afraid she might tell on him, he pushed her off the roof.

Mannat shares things with her mother but is advised to stay quiet and apologize to Wajih. What will Mannat do now? Will she go to the extent of going against her family for getting justice for Nayab or will she do what her mother is suggesting her?

Bilal Abbas has delivered an amazing performance in this week’s episode of Cheekh. Strong and smooth, we’re falling in love with Bilal Abbas’s bad boy persona and the fact that he pulls it off so well. Saba Qamar is her usual brilliant self, something that needs no praise.

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