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Cheekh Episode 7 Review: Wajih is one unapologetic sinner

Wajih shamelessly mocks Nayab's death


Another episode of top trending drama serial Cheekh on aired, revealing more of Wajih’s ugly self. Bilal Abbas’s acting skills are at their finest in this drama serial as an antagonist. We wonder how Abbas started his acting  journey as the very innocent, silent lover in Rasm e Duny and now this negative character; Billa Abbas is indeed the best actor in the young lot of actors today. Very conveniently, Bilal Abbas has matched his acting skills with the veteran drama Queen Saba Qamar in the play. Hats off to Badar Mehmood for his amazing direction.

This episode unraveled more of Wajih’s ugly self, he is one unapologetic sinner who does not feel an iota of remorse and regret over his heinous conduct! He, as we saw in the previous episode, very fearlessly and bluntly confessed his huge sin in front of Mannat and that too in a rather threatening tone!


Wajih has the audacity to go to Nayyab’s house and bribe his step mother. When his father arrives at the spot, he shamelessly raises the bit and ensures Nayab’s step mother tries and convince her father. The moment when Waji is shamelessly raising the bid, and Nayyab’s step mother is getting greedy over it, we really feel for that poor old father who is in this miserable and helpless state! Wajih is a heartless beast! He is trying to scare Mannat too in the house by taunting her all the time, he is so shameless that he even mocks the dead Nayyab!


Wajih has bribed the police officer with a hefty amount so he is not ready to file an FIR against him! The poor old man is so helpless that he has no other choice but to go at Wajih’s house and throw black ink over his face. To be honest this act by Nayyab’s father is so satisfying, this disgrace is what beasts like Wajih truly deserve! Moreover Baray Bhaiya also makes Wajih confess about that incident and he also seems shocked at Wajih’s brutality and shamelessness! But he is any way supporting Wajih just because he is his brother and for his family’s so called honor.


Poor Mannat is alone in her struggle for justice for Nayyab, even her dear friend Haya has shown her a cold shoulder. Haya strongly reacts when Mannat tells her that Wajih is the real culprit and tells her about his confession. Haya calls Mannat mentally unstable and asks her to get some medical help. Mannat despite of her mother’s warnings and suggestion to stay quite on this issue, shares her reservations about Wajih to her husband, who to Mannat’s surprise reacts in the same way as Haya. Now Mannat has to fight her struggle alone!

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