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Cheekh Episode 8 Review: Wajih is mentally torturing Mannat

Another episode of the interesting drama Cheekh went on air on Saturday. Although we haven’t seen much development, the drama is now bringing across Wajih’s true self. He is a compulsive sadist who is now after Mannat making her life a living hell! The plot of the play is very artfully penned down by Balaa famed writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah and brilliantly directed by Badar Mehmood. Bilal Abbas is incredibly playing the role of a sadist person who manipulates the situations according to his own benefits. Saba Qamar shines as Mannat, the woman, who has been cornered for the time being.

In the previous episode we have seen that Wajih very shamelessly offers money to Nayab’s father. It is not the case that Wajih’s conduct was an outcome of timely anger, he is not feeling an iota of remorse after committing such a huge sin. He is in fact trying to cash the most of the situation by bribing the police and now he is after Mannat mentally torturing her over and over and making her life a hell!


The scene where Mannat and Nayyab’s father are praying Fateha on Nayab’s grave is one touchy scene where they both exchange few words. Mannat seeks apology from Nayab’s father for not standing by his side and for being numb on this situation as she cannot go against her in laws.

Nayab’s father heartily forgives her and pray for her prosperity and happiness but warns her from Wajih as he can harm her as well but he prays for her safety. Mannat is shocked to learn that Wajih offered them money! Mannat warns him too that he cannot fight with those people as they are very influential but Nayab’s father replies that it is his duty to fight for his daughter’s justice and by doing that he is also going to save other daughters too.


Well Wajih on the other side is not wasting any chance where he cannot harass poor Mannat. He is literally torturing her mentally and it seems that Wajih is a compulsive sadist and he is extremely brutal and heartless person as he takes his revenge by insulting Nayab’s father as well.


Moreover the cunning and shameless Wajih makes video of poor father of Nayyab where street children are calling him and her dead daughter names and then he has the audacity to show that video to Mannat and when Mannat strongly reacts on it he changes the video and by doing that he is also successful creating distances between her and Haya!

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