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Cheekh Episode28 Review: Mannat has an edge over Wajih

Yawar could not burden of his sins

cheekhCheekh Drama Reviews

Cheekh is finally reaching its climax and its intense. We just wonder, had the writer not dragged the story to this point and showed us how vicious Mannat could get once she lost everything she ever had; the story could then have been, crispier and fast paced, exactly what the audience love today.

Nevertheless, Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas have been impressive since day one and this week, Aijaz Aslam as Yawar simply took our breath away.

This week it was Yawar’s turn. He could not bear the burden of his sins and uncondiontally supporting Wajih and finally scummbed to whatever he had been hiding away in his heart. Yawar gets a brain hemorrhage resulting in a stroke and paralysis.

Wajih is extremely disturbed to see his brother in a crippled condition so he starts avoiding him and stops visiting him in the hospital, despite of Yawar’s calling his name all the time.


Mannat is silently playing her game, when all the servants of the house want to quit the job, she lets them go but stops Salim. Upon his inquiry, she tells him everything will happen in good time.

Mannat is trying her best to mentally torture Wajih in silent manner, be it placing the small table in Wajih’s way or haunting him with his distorted portraits or blood stained shirt.


Wajih, who can no longer handle Mannat’s antics, yells at her and asks Haya to throw her out of the house on which Haya says that she equally owns this house like him and if he has any problem he can leave the house.

Wajih is also not doing well at office, the business is in a loss and instead of dealing that with cool head he freaks out and yells at his subordinates and so much so that he misbehaves with the senior staff as well.

Shayan’s lawyer asks him for Mannat’s address on which he misbehaves with him not respecting his age and the fact that he has good terms with his father and Yawar.


The lawyer tells him that he needs Mannat’s signature as according to Shayan’s will all the property of Shayan now belongs to Mannat and now Mannat is an equal partner in all their wealth.

Wajih  goes to Aqalzada for help but he clearly refuses to lent any help by saying that it is now their family matter. Now Wajih is left alone and helpless. How will he deal with Mannat and her antics? Will Mannat now challenge Wajih in business as well? Cheekh is getting interesting by the minute and definitely nearing its end.

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