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Cheekh Epsiode 16 Review: When will Wajih stop being a low life?

Cheekh started off on a very high note. The murder mystery kept the viewers glued to the screen and then when the killer was found, people wanted to see what will happen next and would he be brought to justice. But now, 16 weeks have gone down and we’re still waiting for Mannat’s struggle to end and for her to be able to win her case against Wajih (which by the way has just reached the court) The drama is definitely losing its pace and the interest of its viewers. However, despite its slow pace, Cheekh does bring some amazing performances by Saba Qamar, Aijaz Aslam, Emad Irfani and also Bilal Abbas.

So what happened in this week’s episode of Cheekh? Read along to find out.

The case gets its first hearing in the court and Wajih and Mannat face each othe.  Mannat acts like a Tigress in the court with her chin up, however, sincer her lawyer is not well prepared he asks some time from the court to study the case.

Wajih being a big low-life tries to murder Mannat’s character on social media. He uploads a video where he says that Mannat triex to seduce him and when he refused her, she went mad with anger and is now trying to frame him.


Mannat is deeply hurt from all this but the best part is that her husband is at her side. He is very hurt that his own brother has done this to him and not for a single moment he has realized that he is disgracing his family honor. Shayan is really mad on his brothers especially Wajih. The way Shayan is supporting Mannat is refreshing. Finally a man has taken a stand for his wife in a Pakistani drama.


Wajih has found a lawyer just like himself, who tells him that regretting a crime is not a quality its rather a weakness and he is proud that Wajih is one proud and unapologetic sinner. Despite of Yawar’s snubbing the lawyer supports Wajih and tells hum that he did just the right move and Mannat deserves all this. However Yawar is still sad over the virual video as he fears that it would have made Shayan mad and he is rather worried about him.


However, Yawar himself is not less than Wajih. He too manipulates things and situations into his own favor, like the way he comes up with a forged medical reports where he proves that his wife cannot be pregnant. His wife has also realized that truth that she doesn’t have infertility but it is him who is hiding the truth about him and blaming her all the time.

Shayan visits home and he clearly tells Yawar that he is meeting them for the last time and also that he and his unconditional support has spoiled Wajih to this extent. Will Yawar realize his mistake and do something to rectify the damage or will Wajih continue with his stupid antics?

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