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Cheekh ends on a powerful note

And so finally Cheekh ended this week and poetic justice was served. However, despite very strong performances and an ending that shook people to the core, we strong believed Cheekh was unnecessarily dragged between episodes and it could have achieved the same target, hit the same spot, had it ended a couple of weeks ago. We know, Mannat losing everything, made her stronger than ever but the tactics she used in the last, while fighting her own case, she could have easily done so.

So the court passed the death sentence for Wajih alongside termination of the inspector’s job and termination of license of the psychiatrist.


What we felt bad was that Mannat had to lose everything in her fight for Nayyab. But perhaps losing Shayan paid its price as it added more mental pressure on Wajih and he broke bit by bit considering himself responsible for his brother’s death.


Wajih’s confession however came as an eye opener. The boy, stood before the courtroom and narrated his tale. And the only thing to blame was his upbringing. His brother always sought the best for him, telling him how he was justified in snatching things away from others and how this built a habit in him where he could never hear a no.

Wajih also confessed how he committed one sin after another just to save himself after he threw Nayyab off the roof in a fit of anger. Bilal Abbas is definitely one of the finest actors we have today. The youngster stood at par with veterans like Saba Qamar and Aijaz Aslam, making the nation feel each and every thing Wajih said and did. This definitely has to be Bilal Abbas’s best performance to date.


In the end we also saw a personality transformation in Wajih. He not only sought repentance but also turned towards his religion. The ending was heart touching and perhaps the same audience who had hated Wajih throughout ended up feeling bad for him, as Bilal Abbas enunciated each dialogue with great pain and expressions that were top notch.

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