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Cheekh Second Last Episode Review: Disaster awaits Wajih

Waji is freaking out

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So finally Cheekh is on its way to wind down. Not that we didn’t enjoy the ride Cheekh has been but amongst all the fight for justice, the drama became a drag. We could have easily scraped off a few episodes and jumped to a point where Mannat lost everything and it turned her beast mode on against Wajih. Right now we’re mighty impressed with this beast of a woman who stops at nothing to irritate and infuriate Wajih. Saba Qamar has given her best to Cheekh but it is Bilal Abbas who has stood out. Amazing timing, facial expressions and each and every look on point, Bilal Abbas is the future of Pakistani drama industry.

So what went on in this second last episode of Cheekh? Read on to find out;

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Yawar has been discharged, his condition is the same. Wajih hires a male nurse for him. Mannat visits Yawar at his bedroom and her dialogues were really heart touching where she tells him that she always respected him as an elder brother, but his unconditional support for Wajih brought him to a bad time. Wajih overhears and tries to snub Mannat for talking to a sick person like this.


Haya and Shariq get married but it is Wajih who becomes distraught at the thought as Shariq plays with him. Shariq tells Wajih that he is kidnapping Haya, only to make Wajih rush to the police station to register a complaint and him being shunned like Mannat once was. Also the police inspector gives him the same line that life comes a full circle. Wajih didn’t respect someone’s sister and now his own sister is going through the same trauma.


Mannat is really getting on the nerves of Wajih, be it taunting Yawar, laughing on Haya’s episode or then locking up Wajih in the store room that too with lights off for the whole night, she knows how to play her game.


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Wajih’s lawyer Aqalzada too has changed his tone towards Wajih. This time Mannat is planning to hit Wajih hard and he is again preparing for her case and for that Shariq is too supporting her, he makes her video when she is meeting that corrupt greedy Police Officer where he clearly confesses that he had sold himself over money and so he has changed his statement. This time Mannat is going to fight her own case and perhaps win it for Nayab and for herself, at least compensating for whatever she lost in the whole fight.

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