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Daasi Epiosde-19 Review: Sunheri gets trapped in Shahabuddin’s plotting

Daasi the drama serial running on Hum TV is getting more and more interesting as the story proceeds. The plot is well set by the Ishq Tamasha famed writer Misbah Nousheen. Mawra Hocane is giving a power-packed role as Sunheri, a girl who is struggling hard to take care of her ailing mother and also carrying the burden of her lost love.

Sunheri finds a ray of hope when a lady owner of the boutique offers her help, and she is also being very caring with her. Sunheri also shares her problems with her but Shahabuddin is not getting any slow he is plotting something dangerous and bigger for Sunheri, he is heavily bribing people for it. He plots a fake rishtay wala and a fake bridegroom for Sunheri!


Aahil and Irma are getting close and it makes us wonder that why not for a single moment Aahil realizes that she is being plotted by Tauqeer. He hates Tauqeer so much so but is being so generous and so friendly with his niece makes no sense. Tauqeer and Aahil’s mother is planning Aahil’s wedding with Irma. Irma and Tauqeer go to the same boutique where Sunheri works and she sees them together and gets upset.


Aahil has not forgotten Sunheri nor has forgiven her, but when her mother discusses with him her wedding plans with Irma, he excuses himself by saying that he at least needs 2-3 years to focus fully only on his career. Secondly, he is not ready to get into any sort of relationship and he also mentions Sunheri saying that she is the first girl who taught him to be genuinely happy but her mother gets angry when she hears Sunheri’s name from his. Sunheri on the other hand forcefully gets engaged with that fake guy, Shahabuddin is the happiest person there while Sunheri’s soul is dead.


Aadil is still giving Aaliya a very hard time, Aaliya is trying to confront him but he always puts her down. Aadil has fully understood all her tactics. He treats her the way a vile person like her fully deserves. Sunheri visits Aaliya and there she sees Aadil badly treating her when Sunheri intervenes, Aadil insists that Aaliya tell her the truth while Aaliya tries her best to avoid her but then she has to tell her that it was she who wrongly blamed Aahil for flirting with her. Actually it is her who wanted to marry him and moreover she dis that because she did not want Sunheri and Aadil’s union. Upon hearing all this, Sunheri has realized that she has wronged Aahil.

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