Daasi Episode-1 Review: Beginning of an intense love tale!

HUM TV comes up with a new drama serial Daasi which is replacing the drama serial Inkaar, for the first time Adeel Hussain and Mawra Hocane are sharing the screen as an onscreen couple in this drama. The story of the play seems to be pretty engaging and it is well-written by Ishq Tamasha famed Misbha Nousheen of and directed by Mohsin Talat. Adeel Hussain and Mawra Hocane’s onscreen chemistry also looks amazing.

The play starts with a funeral scene where the lead character Aael is burying his own father on a rainy day. He is grieved, apart from his father’s death, he is also broken off the reason and circumstances in which his father died. It seems that there existed a history, a story of grievances and grudges between Aael’s parents particularly the bitter feelings his mother has for his father and that too remained till his death. Aael cannot stand all this hatred against his father so he leaves his house right after the next day of his father’s death.

There is the character of a bubbly and lively girl Sunheri played by Mawra Hocane, well Mawra looks super cute in it but at some places, her acting seems a bit over and loud, well its the first episode, much cant be said yet. Then there is an introduction of another family a brother Mujtaba and sister Aliya, and another boy Adil who happens to be Aael’s friend and he likes Aliya and Aliya also likes her. The brother and sister duo were Sunheri’s neighbors and brother takes great interested in Sunheri whereas Aliya is Sunheri’s fast friend.

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Adil arranges a room on rent for Aael in his neighborhood and coincidentally the room is in Shunheri’s house. Well before that Aael and Sunheri had a very unpleasant encounter where Sunheri accused him that he intentionally bumped into her but on the other hand, Aael schools her for walking blindly on the street. Sunheri also is not in much favor for keeping a tenant. But she knows a little about that person who is extremely angry at her.

After paying a visit on his father’s grave and staying there for a while Aael goes off to the place Adil has rented for him. He is intentionally ignoring his mother’s calls. He reaches at Sunheri’s house at night when she is busy in watching dramas but then light goes off and she nonchalantly opens the door and do not noticed the tenant. When her mother asks her to bring tea for him she clearly see Aael and shouts at him. The first episode ended here but we are wondering will Sunheri agree to keep Aael as her tenant after all this?

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