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Daasi Episode-10 Review: Aaliya ‘s madness will create big trouble for Aahil

Aaliya is not ready to face the fact that Aahil is not interested in him

Daasi Episode-10 ReviewIn Episode-10 Aaliya 's Madness will Create big Trouble for Aahil.

Daasi the drama serial is one of the most popular Prime Time Watch. Although the script of the play is written by Misbah Nousheen but the script and drama seem so unrealistic and it is not something we can relate to. Plus at some places, the story is making no sense at all. Anyways apart from these shortcomings, the play is still very engaging and an interesting watch.

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Aahil’s mother accuses Sunheri that she is after Aahil for his money and property. Sunheri straightforwardly replies that she has no interest in their money and then Aahil intervenes too he very coldly and bluntly tells his mother to go back and refuses to come with her. Then Aahil locks himself up in the room little he knows that a storm is waiting to hit him.


Aaliya arrives in a very freaking way and snubs Aahil for betraying her. Aahil is simply clueless about what she is talking about? He tries to calm her down and tell her that she is mistaken and he always thinks of her as Aadil’s girl. She starts shouting like a lunatic and Sunheri arrives at the spot and she is shocked to learn all these accusations Aaliya is making. Aaliya tells her that he used to gift her, write letters and he used to love her how can he change like that even Sunheri gets upset and she starts doubting Aahil.


Aahil swears Sunheri upon his dead father, Sunheri’s heart is now clear for him. She says that somehow she is behind Aaliya’s madness as she never knew that she kept talking about him, she had advised her to be brave in love and that is what she is doing. Aahil says he fears that what Aadil is going to think when he hears about Aaliya’s accusations. He fears that he might lose him and he simply does not want to do that.


Aaliya’s madness is not coming slow, she is acting like a lunatic. She is refusing to face the reality that Aahil is not interested in her and also that she is mistaken. Sunheri tries a lot to calm her down and make her realize that she is mistaken and Aahil is not interested in her but she is not ready to accept this. Aaliya is so fearless that she is now bravely confronting her brother. Mujtaba has decided to marry off her as soon as possible and he has talked about it with Aadil also. Aaliya is not ready to accept this and when his brother asks her who she wants to marry she names Aahil!

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