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Daasi Episode-12 Review: Aahil goes back to his old life

Aahil is heart broken on Sunheri's betrayal

Daasi Episode-12 Review:In this episode Aahil goes back to his old life - OyeYeah

Daasi the romantic drama serial which revolves around two main characters Sunheri and Aahil, the play is getting more and more intense as the story proceeds. The story of the play is written by Ishq Tamasha famed writer Misbah Nousheen. Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain are for the first time coming together as an onscreen couple and their onscreen chemistry is so lit.

The episode begins when Aahil is in Jail and his mother comes for his rescue, she bails him out and she is extremely worried about her son. Aahil is so heartbroken that he has forgotten about the differences between him and his mother. Moreover, he now shows interest in working in the office and his mother is more than happy on hearing this. Aahil’s mother calls her lawyer and insists that he clears Aahil from that case and there she comes to know that it is Sunheri who has accused him of the murder.


Aahil’s mother in a very furious range goes at Sunheri’s house, Sunheri is already very sad that Aaliya is not ready to listen to her and she has not stopped blaming her. Sunheri also confesses to her mother that she has stolen the golden bangles to help Aahil. Aahil’s mother storms into Sunheri’s house and starts snubbing her for trapping his son in a false case, she also accuses her of having bad intentions for her son. Sunheri’s mother takes her side and she clearly tells Aahil’s mother to go out of the house.


Aadil is helping Aaliya in her tough time, he regularly visits factory after his office timings and tries to solve business matters and affairs, he says that he is doing that because he wants to keep his promise which he made with Mujtaba Bhai. Despite Aaliya’s coldness he offers her his help and support, Aaliya has no option but to accept his offer, she asks him to look after factory matters. It seems like Aaliya’s heart starts inclining towards him by seeing his sincerity and continuous support.


Aahil’s mother is all set to welcome his son into her office and for that, she is preparing the base and she also calls his friend to discuss these matters with him. Well, it seems that his so-called friend is eyeing on Aahil’s mother’s business and property as he openly opposes Aahil working in the office. He initially tries to flirt with her by saying that he has not yet married just because of her. He says that he should concentrate on his music but Aahil’s mother is insisting that he will join the office as after her he is the one who is going to take over her business.

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