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Daasi Episode-14 Review: Aaliya is vilifying Sunheri’s character

Shahabuddin is after Sunheri

Daasi Episode-14 ReviewIn this episode Aaliya is vilifying Sunheri's character - OyeYeah News

Daasi the beautiful love story has now taken a tragic turn, penned down by Ishq Tamasha famed writer Misbah Nosuheen, the play revolves around two main characters Sunheri and Aahil and their love-hate relationship. Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain are for the very first time coming together as an onscreen couple in this play and their chemistry is so lit.

Shahabuddin is after Sunheri, he is trying his best to keep Sunheri’s mother happy. He is bringing expensive gifts for them. He has even given gold bangles to Sunheri’s mother, and he over and over reminds Sunheri’s mother that she will help him in convincing the girl to marry him. Little did Sunheri’s mother know that the girl he is talking about is none other than her own daughter Sunheri. Shahabuddin also clarifies Sunheri that he is the person who use to help them and send them money for these years but Sunheri does not seem impressed in fact she is annoyed by his presence.


Aaliya has turned so mean, pathetic and vile that she is now after defaming Sunheri. For that, the pathetic Aaliya has filmed a video and sends it on Aahil’s number and also on Aahil’s mother number. Well, one wonders from where did she get their numbers? Before sending Aahil’s number she visits his office how come she knows about his office location. She tries her best to vilify Sunheri and there she mentions that currently, a person is living with her in their house which Aahil himself confirms.


Aaliya is now trying to be nice with Aadil when she knows that she will have no future with Aahil as Aahil is not ready to listen to her nor he wants to see her again. She is now trying her hands on Aadil who is already her admirer. She lies to him that she always liked him but it is Sunheri who gets jealous of him and she ruined her happiness. Sunheri sees Aaliya with Aadil in a very romantic mood where Aaliya is smiling at Aadil here Sunheri realizes that it is Aaliya who is flirting,  it was not Aahil’s mistake.


Sunheri tries to tell her mother that she is not being comfortable with Shahabuddin at her place but her mother clearly takes Shahabuddin side by saying that he has always helped them out so she simply cannot ask him to leave. Sunheri’s mother gets faint, Sunheri runs straight towards Aaliya for help but Aaliya is so vile, she has turned so bad that she simply says that it is not her problem she should look after her own mother.

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