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Daasi Episode-15 Review: Sunheri is left alone in her struggles

Drama serial Daasi, the romantic love story has taken tragic turns. Penned down by Ishq Tamasha famed writer Misbah Nousheen, the plot is well set and the story has become more and more intense. Since Sunheri and Aahil have parted ways, Sunheri has become alone in her struggles and now it seems that she is kind of helpless too in Shahabuddin presence.

The episode begins when Aahil meets with Tauqeer’s niece who happens to be a writer and they are talking and it seems like Aahil is enjoying her company. Well, Aahil dislikes Touqeer so much so than talking nicely with her niece makes no sense. Well Touqeer has his own plans, he is planning to marry off her niece with Aahil and he shares his plan with her niece on which she to our surprise agrees like how can a modern girl like her agrees on getting married so easily.


Sunheri is now literally alone in her struggles, she has no friend on her side. Her mother is sick and she herself is taking her to the hospital when Sahahbuddin enters. Besides being alone Sunheri is now started feeling helpless in Shahabuddin’s presence. He is literally a loafer disguised as a good person in front of Sunheri’s mother. Sunheri’s mother is not ready to hear anything against him. He literally steals Sunheri’s money and flaunts it like he is helping them out while Sunheri has understood his move.

Aaliya is such a vile character that she meets Aahil’s mother. Well, one wonders how come she gets Aahil’s home address and how come she gets Aahil’s mother’s cellphone number. Aahil’s mother appreciates Aaliya for sending her video about Sunheri and also outdoing Sunheri. Little she knows that this girl was too eyeing Aahil. Aahil’s mother gives her some money as a prize and Aaliya says that she does not want this prize she wants her to make a promise that she will never let Sunheri and Aahil unite.

Touqeer is literally mad when she sees the report Aahil has made on his projects he kind of threatens Aahil’s mother that he will leave the office. Sunheri tries to confront Shahuddin for stealing her money but he snubs her and challenges him to bring any proof. Aahil’s mother asks Aahil to apologize Touqeer well Aahil’s attitude is very normal on that he should have gone mad on this.

The episode ends when Aadil and Aaliya come to meet Aahil and Aahil is kind of a shock to see Aaliya at her home and his attitude is not welcoming at all. Aadil very whole heartily meets his friend like before and tells him that he is marrying Aaliya on which Aahil says in shock that will you still marry this girl?

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