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Daasi Episode 20 Review: Aahil totally shuns Sunheri and their past relationship

Aahil is not ready to listen Sunheri!

Daasi Episode 20 ReviewIn this episode Aahil totally shuns Sunheri and their past relationship - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Daasi the drama serial running on Hum TV is quite an interesting love story that is turning out to be more and more tragic as the protagonist of the play Sunheri is about to get trapped into a deadly plotting done against her by Shahabuddin. Misbah Nousheen very artfully weaves the story of love, separation and betrayal. Sunheri is deceived by her own best friend and in this episode, Aaliya reveals her ugly self and her venom against Sunheri.

Aadil makes Aaliya confess all that she has done with Sunheri. Aaliya in her lunatic way proudly confesses that she has deliberately created misunderstandings between Aahil and Sunheri just because she literally hates Sunheri and she cannot bear the fact that Sunheri and Aahil together when she herself cannot get him. Sunheri is shocked to see that Aaliya has so much venom against her when she always loves her and is her well-wisher. Aadil further tells Sunheri that Aahil has done nothing wrong it is Aaliya who has plotted all this.


Sunheri’s world turn upside down when she realizes that it is her who has wronged Aahil and she has not believed him for a single second. She only believed what Aaliya said and it is she who has deliberately vilified Aahil’s character and she blindly believes her just because she thinks that she is her best friend when in reality she has so much hatred and jealousy for her. Sunheri now desperately wants to seek Aahil’s forgiveness.


Touqeer, on the other hand, is busy trapping Aahil’s mother in his plotting, he wants to side away Aahil from his business and wants his total control and has a plan to take over the business. The company is going in total loss and he has major shares in the company and now he is kind of threatening Aahil’s mother that he wants to withdraw his own share if she will not stop Aahil to intervene in his business. Aahil agrees not to intervene in Touqeer’s matters.


Sunheri goes at Aahil’s house to apologize him on her past conduct but Aahil’s mother insults her and asks her to leave but when Sunheri insists that she wants to talk with Aahil. Aahil intervenes and bluntly tell her to leave. He clearly shuns her and their past relationship, by saying that he does not listen to strangers and he does not give any stranger a second chance. Sunheri is literally heartbroken on hearing Aahil’s words but she has not given up. On the other hand, Shahabuddin is busy in his plotting and Sunheri’s wedding date is also fixed.

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