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Daasi Episode 21-Review: Shahabuddin is successful in setting up a trap for Sunheri

Daasi the love story airing on HUM TV has become more and more depressing as the protagonist Sunheri is getting in big trouble and it seems like Shahabuddin is successful in setting the trap for her. We really miss the romantic scenes of Aahil and Sunheri. Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain’s sizzling chemistry is what we are missing in this episode as they are apparently shown separated as Aahil is not ready to forgive Sunheri

The episode begins when Sunheri’s mother is busy in her wedding preparations and Shahabuddin is posing like he is the busiest person at that moment, he is sparing no time to impress Sunheri’s mother by his active contributions in the wedding preparations. He is trying to prove Sunheri’s mother that he is very concerned for them and he is sincerely their well-wisher.


Shahabuddin is bribing heavily to all the participants who are involved in all the plotting. Yes, the whole wedding setup is a trap that is cunningly set by Shahabuddin and it is the only way through which Shahabuddin can make Sunheri’s mother agree for marrying her off to him.

Well, it is such a disturbing watch to see poor Sunheri and her mother helplessly getting into that trap. Aahil, on the other hand, does not even know what Sunheri is going through. He does not even seem concerned. The situation makes us wonder, why Aadil is not taking any action, he should have help Sunheri as he knows what is going between Sunheri and Aahil, and what Aaliya has done to her. He although offers his help to Sunheri’s mother in wedding preparations and he sincerely wishes her well and apologizes for Aaliya’s behavior but he should have played his role to get Sunheri and Aahil together.


Aaliya is such a vile character that not for a single second she feels any sort of feeling for her friend, she goes at her wedding brings her a gift but in a very taunting manner as if she is laughing on her misery. It makes us even more depressed to see Aahil getting more close to Irma despite knowing that he is Touqeer’s niece but still he is allowing her to get close to him, but still he has refused to get in any sort of commitment.


Sunheri’s pseudo going to be in-laws call off the wedding as they demand a hefty amount of money right before the wedding. Well, any sane headed person will thank God for not marrying off her daughter to such greedy people but Sunheri’s mother tries her best to arrange for the money but it was a huge amount, so Sunheri’s wedding is canceled.

This whole situation is all planted by Shahabuddin and now the Rishta aunty who is also bribed by Shahabuddin feeds Sunheri’s mother’s mind that she should perform Sunheri’s nikkah with Shahabuddin as it seems a better option for her otherwise Sunheri’s reputation will be ruined.

Well, it makes no sense how come marrying off Sunheri with Shahabuddin is going to save her reputation. To our disappointment, Sunheri’s mother cannot take this pressure anymore and agrees for Shahabuddin and Sunheri’s Nikkah.

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