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Daasi Episode-23 Review: Shahabuddin attempts to kill Sunheri’s mother

Aahil is supporting Sunheri in her hard time

Daasi Episode-23 ReviewIn this episode Shahabuddin attempts to kill Sunheri's mother - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Daasi the drama serial running on HUM TV is an engaging play. The well-plotted story penned down by Misbah Nousheen is an intense love story. Another best thing about this play is the onscreen chemistry going between Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain in the play as both are nailing their roles by their brilliant performances.

The episode begins when Aahil’s mother finds out Sunheri in their annex in a bridal dress. Aahil tries his best to convince her mother that there is nothing going between them but Aahil’s mother is not ready to listen to anything and she is doubting that Sunheri is now back in Aahil’s life. She calls Irma and tells her to invite Aahil on her birthday and try to pose in front of the world that they are a couple.


Aaliya is so vile that she teams up with Shahabuddin, she tries her best to ignite more fire into this situation. Shahabuddin is already heated on Sunheri’s escape that he makes up his mind to take revenge from Sunheri’s mother. He tries to threaten her but when she has not told him anything and she starts shaming him. Shahabuddin turns violent and he starts badly beating her and there he attacks her and tries to kill her. Aaliya is watching all this from her rooftop.


Aadil finds khala unconscious in his house and along with Aaliya takes her to the hospital and calls Sunheri. Aahil is with Sunheri in her hard time and he is taking great care of her and as well as looking after all the matters. Aahil and Sunheri’s closeness is again making Aaliya extremely jealous and in a fit of jealousy, she calls Aahil’s mother and tells him all about Aahil and Sunheri’s closeness. Aahil’s mother is extremely worried but what he should be more worried about is Aaliya’s passionate interest in Aahil.


Sunheri’s mother is in a very critical state. Irma calls Aahil to invite him to her birthday party but he excuses her by saying that he is busy as his friend’s mother is in hospital. Aadil realizes that there is another girl in Aahil’s life. Aadil is resolute that he will do what ever he can to make Sunheri happy as he regards her as his own sister. Aaliya tries her level best to misguide the Police about the reality, being an eye witness she deliberately hides the truth and lies about the situation by saying that nothing happened. She is doing all that in Sunheri’s jealousy and hatred. She tells Shahabuddin that Police are after him and that he should hide away somewhere for the time being.

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