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Daasi Episode-25 Review: Aahil rescues Sunheri from Shahabuddin

Daasi the drama serial running on HUM TV has a very interesting and engaging plot, penned down by Misbah Nousheen, the play has taken a dramatic turn in this episode. Aahil fulfills Sunheri’s mother promise and eventually rescues Sunheri from Shahabuddin’s deadly trap. Adeel Hussain and Mawra Hocane have given their brilliant performances.

The episode begins with a very intense and disturbing scene where Shahabuddin is successfully creating a deadly trap for Sunheri. He is posing in front of all that Sunheri’s mother has arranged their wedding and Sunheri is feeling extremely helpless. She is trying her best to convince her neighbors that Shahabuddin is her mother’s murderer but no one is ready to listen to her.


Shahabuddin being pure evil stoops to the lowest level by blackmailing Sunheri and threatens her that if she will not marry him, he is going to throw acid on her face and after that, she will not be acceptable anymore. Sunheri is really sacred but she acts very smartly she silently picks Aahil’s call when Shahuddin is getting mad on her and threatening her. Aahil is hearing all Shahabuddin’s threats and he gets to know about his real face. He immediately goes for Sunheri’s help.


Shahabuddin has finally managed to get everything in control now as Nikkah Khawan and all neighbors were present except Aadil, he is pressurizing Sunheri to say yes when Aahil enters into the house with Police. He has eventually come to rescue Sunheri from Shahabuddin and he is fulfilling Sunheri’s mother’s promise, he tells her to come with him to his house when neighbors demand that for that they have to perform Nikkah. After arguing Aahil agrees to perform Nikkah with Sunheri and now Sunheri is Aahil’s responsibility. Aaliya is so vile, she calls Aahil’s mother and breaks Aahil’s nikkah news to her while Aadil catches her talking on phone and there he comes to know that Aahil has married Sunheri. He sincerely wishes the couple all well.

Sunheri knows her that she has no place in Aahil’s house. Aahil’s mother is not ready to accept her at all.  She is living in the annex and gets very rudely treated by Aahil’s mother. Aahil is trying his best to keep his mother happy, he says that he is going to marry Irma. Irma is having the feeling that Aahil is not happy with the engagement. Aahil’s mother calls Aaliya and she says that she is not going to let Sunheri win, she asks Aaliya’s help, she asks her to bring back Salahuddin, Aahil’s mother is as vile as Aaliya.

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