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Daasi Episode-26 Review: Aahil calls off his engagement and saves Sunheri

Irma hears the whole story of Sunheri from Aahil in the hospital after Sunheri fainted.


Drama serial Daasi, airing on Hum TV is one of the most engaging serials. Although the story does have some loopholes, the overall plot is still quite gripping. Misbah Nousheen always comes up with engaging drama plots. Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain are very brilliantly playing their roles and their onscreen chemistry is on point.

Sunheri is getting mad living in isolation where she starts losing her sanity, she starts blaming Aahil for all this, blaming him for deliberately putting her in such situation so that he and her mother can conveniently insult her. Sunheri is again hurting Aahil, not for a single moment, Sunheri realizes that it is Aahil who has saved her from Shahabduddin’s deadliest trap otherwise her life could have been ruined forever.


Aahil’s mother’s anger and hatred for Sunheri are not getting over, she is not realizing that fact that her so-called friend is literally blackmailing her for the engagement. How will she expect that Irma who is Tauqeer’s niece, will not going to create any further problems for her. Class consciousness has blinded her so much that she cannot see her son’s happiness. She is so dumb and naive that she is forcing her son to get engaged with her so-called friend Touqeer’s niece who is literally blackmailing her for that engagement! She literally offers Sunheri the amount of money of her choice to sign and leave Aahil forever but she does not accept her offer which is scaring her now.


Aaliya is busy scheming against poor Sunheri, not for a single moment she has felt any feelings of sympathy for her poor helpless orphan friend and is after Shahabduddin’s release. However, another event happens in Aaliya’s life and it seems that it is transforming her. Aaliya is expecting a baby and the feelings of motherhood are now shaking her conscience, Aadil’s behavior is changing too, he is being more caring and it is making her feel even more guilty.


Aahil is all set to put a ring on Irma’s hand but thoughts of Sunheri is not letting him to do. Sunheri, on the other hand, is not well, she faints in her room and the nervous servant rushes into the room where the engagement ceremony is going and she starts calling Aahil for help in panic. Well, one wonders usually engagement ceremonies are held at girl’s place no? Aahil ‘s mother can arrange this event at any hotel when she has such fears of mishaps. Aahil leaves everything and rushes away to help her. Irma and Touqeer see Aahil carrying Sunheri in his arms. Irma seems very sensible whereas Touqeer is creating a lot of fuss. Irma despite her Mamu’s disapproval visits Aahil at the hospital and hears from him the whole story of Sunheri.

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