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Daasi Episode-27 Review: Aahil once again saves Sunheri from Shahabuddin

Daasi the drama serial airing at Hum TV is one of the engaging serials in the running. Misbah Nousheen has penned down some brilliant content but still, there are a few loopholes in the plot. Performances are quite impressive, Faryal Mehmood and Furqan both have given amazing performances and Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain’s onscreen chemistry is just on point.

Aahil is taking great care of Sunheri in his capacity but Sunheri’s rude attitude is not at all comprehensible, she should have been grateful to Aahil for saving him from Shahabuddin but instead of it, she is being rude and bitter with him for apparently no obvious reason, she should have known that he accidentally helped her out and he has to balance between her and his mother, Sunheri should acknowledge and respect that he is trying his best to help her out. However, Sunheri is disturbed about his engagement but she is not showing that she is hurt.


Irma’s character is quite absurd and a very confusing one, although she is with Touqeer and apparently she has partnered with him in his plan of taking over Rubab’s property but her expressions says opposite, that she is not in reality with them, and it seems that she is feeling like they are doing wrong. Rubab, on the other hand, is so blinded with her so-called friend that despite his threatening attitude she still wants to make Irma her daughter in law.


The feeling of motherhood has totally transformed Aaliya. Aadil’s attitude has changed too, he tells her to start a new life, and forget all the previous unpleasant things. He is being very caring and loving towards her. Aaliya also wants to get rid of all the toxicity she has developed in herself and wants to get rid of it. She promises that now onward she will live a new life with a leaving all toxicity behind. She is embarrassed about what she has done with Sunheri, she shares about all her deadly plans she has made against Sunheri with Rubab and also that Shahabuddin has been released from jail with the help of Rubab.


Aadil shares everything to Aahil. Rubab has stooped so low that she insults Sunheri very badly and lies that Aahil has decided to divorce her while on the other hand, she asks Shahuddin to come to their house to teach Sunheri a lesson. She has allowed him to enter into her house, so he can do anything with poor Sunheri, he could have raped her or kill her but fortunately, Aahil once again reaches on the spoton time and saves Sunheri once again from Shahabuddin.

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