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Daasi Episode-29 Review: Aaliya confesses all her sins in front of Sunheri

Daasi one of the engaging drama serials running at HUM TV is finally nearing its end. Things are getting resolved as Aaliya confesses all her sins in front of Aadil who then encourages her to seek forgiveness from Sunheri. Mawra Hocane, Faryal Mehmood, Furqan and Adeel Hussain all have given some fine performances.

Aahil for the first time confronts his mother by saying that he is ashamed of her. He shows her the video where she is talking with Shahabuddin. Rubab’s world turns upside down as she loses her son’s trust. She is begging Aahil to forgive her then there is a scene where Rubab’s lawyer is telling her that Touqeer has filed a case against her and that now he is the owner of 80% of the shares which has left  Rubab in shock she could not believe her ears that her own friend has done this to her.

Moreover, the lawyer also shares Shallauddin’s Will in presence of Aahil with Rubab, a letter in which he wrote that how he is always being badly mistaken by Rubab while he cannot share the truth as he is keeping Rubab’s father’s secret. Rubab is literally broken to hear that, she is extremely ashamed of her conduct and moreover she overhears Touqeer confessing that he is deliberately doing all this just because he wants to punish her for preferring Salluddin over him.

Aaliya’s transformation process has taken place when she gets to know that she is expecting, the feeling of motherhood has changed her at all. She is fed up with all the burden of her sins. She musters the courage to confess all her sins in front of Aadil realizing that he may start hating her when he gets to know about her reality but Aadil,though he is shocked and hurt then he encourages Aaliya to help Sunheri and also to seek her forgiveness.

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Aaliya along with Aadil goes to Aahil’s house and in front of Aahil and Sunheri shares all the burden of her sins by admitting each and every sin and how she is responsible for making Sunheri’s life miserable and spoiling her and Aahil’s relationship because she was burning in jealousy. Aaliya is begging forgiveness from Sunheri and it is so hard for her to forgive her but then it seems that Sunheri’s heart starts melting for her good old friend who used to be her soul. Will she able to forgive Aaliya’s sins?

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