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Daasi Episode 4 Review: Sunheri’s heart is melting for Aael

Aael's mother comes to know about his whereabouts

Daasi Episode 4 Review - Sunheri's heart is melting for Aael

Daasi drama serial featuring the gorgeous Mawra Hocane is one of our most awaited watch of the week. The play is beautifully penned down by Ishq Tamasha famed writer Misbah Nousheen, she has come up with an interesting storyline. Adeel Hussain is outdoing his role as Aael and we cannot stop ourselves from loving the bubbly and gorgeous Sunheri beautifully carried by Mawra Hocane. Adeel and Mawra onscreen chemistry is spot on, simply awesome.

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The episode begins when Sunheri receives a call from Mujtaba that her mother is in an emergency. Sunheri feels like her world has turn upside down. She starts getting panicked but Aael helps her out and he takes her to the hospital. On their way to hospital, Aael’s mother see Aael on the road with a girl! It seems like Aael’s mother’s friend is not happy to find that they have seen Aael, she is trying her best to distract her but all her attempts go vain when she finds that Aael has used ATM from this exact location.


Sunheri starts crying to see her mother in a critical condition, Mujtaba has told her that he has found her on the road. They were in need of blood and Mujtaba is going to arrange for her. However, Aael gives blood as it matches with his group. Sunheri’s heart starts melting for Aael, she has realized that she has done very wrong with him in the past and also that she had a very wrong image of him in her mind.


However, Sunheri is having feelings for Aael now but she is a bit ungrateful for Mujtaba who has brought her mother to the hospital in such critical condition! She should also realize that he has also done a lot for her mother. Aliya and her love stuck madness looks a bit over, I mean the way she goes to his bedroom so frankly and offers that she can jump over through the roof whenever he feels like calling her. Well, it also making Aael a bit uncomfortable.


Aael’s mother has not given up on him yet, she has chased him to his location and there she meets him but Aael is not ready to listen to her. Aael’s mother has hired a man who gives her all the related information about Suheri and her mother, all their life and history. Now Aael’s mother is planning to get Aael through them. She herself goes to Sunheri’s door!

Will Sunheri agree to help her out and will Sunheri listen to her side of the story and listening to her side of the story would change the image she has perceived for Aael?

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