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Daasi Episode-6 Review: Sunheri is becoming Aahil’s voice

Daasi the drama serial is a tale of a lively girl Sunheri and how she is resolute to bring back her friend’s forgotten dreams. The play is penned down by Ishq Tamasha famed writer Misbah Nousheen. Adeel Hussain and Mawra Hocane’s onscreen chemistry looks so spot on! This episode is all about Sunheri’s pursuit of making Aahil fulfill his long lost dream of doing music and moreover Sunheri is becoming Aahil’s voice.

The episode begins when Sunheri is convincing hard Aahil to pursue his dreams of doing music but Aahil is not ready to listen to any of her advice. He has already has given up all his dreams and he does not want Sunheri to listen any of her mother’s instructions. Sunheri has also offered Aahil that she will sing his song but Aahil thinks that it will not be as easy as it sounds.


Aahil accidentally listens Sto unheri humming one of his tune in a very beautiful and mesmerizing way that he gets stunned. He has got some idea and later he asks Sunheri is she in on social media and then he asks her to get prepared, dress well and sing one of his songs and he records all her songs and most probably he is going to put it on social media. Aahil and Sunheri’s friendship is getting stronger and stronger.


Aliya is falling from head to toes in love with Aahil as she is mistaking that Aahil is also liking her, whereas, on the other side, Adil is dreaming to marry her. He gets a job and then he requests Aahil to ask Aliya that if she is ready to accept his proposal. Aahil talks with her but she mistakes it for him, she thinks that Aahil wants to send her his proposal. She is on the ninth cloud and she is mistaking every move made by Adil for Aahil.


Aahil’s mother has not stopped playing her games, she really knows how to play her cards well. She calls Sunheri and tries to emotionally blackmail her by saying that she doesn’t feel as she will be able to see Aahil in her life. Sunheri being a gem heart girl gets disturbed upon hearing this. Aahil is having trouble at his workplace as his co-workers’ attitude doesn’t seem welcoming. Aahil meets her mother’s friend who also seems to be playing his own cards it seems that his eyes are on Aahil’s mother’s money. He tries to convince him not to listen to his mother’s advice. Will Aahil is going to listen to his stupid tactics?

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