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Daasi Episode-7 Review: Sunheri and Aahil are getting close

Daasi the drama serial which revolves around two characters Sunheri and Aahil, is getting interesting as the story proceeds. Penned down by Misbah Nousheen, the play seems to depict the trials which Sunheri going to face in the way of her Love. Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain’s onscreen chemistry is just perfect so are their performances.

Sunheri’s song which Aahil recorded and uploaded becomes viral and she is now becoming the talk of the town. Their neighbors are taunting Sunheri’s mother for letting her daughter sing. Then Mujtaba too comes to Sunheri’s mother in a very angry mood, he warns khala that she should control Sunheri and her tenant and should stop them for doing that. Sunheri’s mother is now bit worried she advise her not to sing any further.


Well but Sunheri has her own will, she goes to Aahil’s workplace and demands him to give her a treat and a bike ride. Aahil takes him to a studio and there the man who supposes to be a friend of Aahil asks 1 lac for a studio session for Aahil. Sunheri hears all the conversation. Well, how stupid and mean it seems, she sells the gold bangles her mother has made for her and goes to the same studio. She requests the studio man not to tell Aahil that she has arranged the money and also to adjust as she has got only 80K Rupees.


Mujtaba who then was angry on Sunheri but, when he sees her in the bazzar tries to get close to her despite Sunheri getting agitated, he requests her to listen to her once. She agrees and goes with him. There Mujtaba proposes her by saying that he loves her for years and now he is thinking to marry off Aliya and he himself wants to get married too. Sunheri get disgusted at the thought of it, she clearly refuses him by saying that she does not like him at all. Mujtaba also says that he will leave all his bad habits he will do what ever she wants him to be and he will make her happy but she still refuses him.


Aahil is having trouble at his workplace, his co-workers are creating problems for him. Their behavior is too rude and bossy with him. Aahil finds that one of his co-workers has cheated on with the money, he tries to question him but then he gets into a fight and Mujtaba too intervenes but instead of listening to Aahil he says that these workers are working with him for years. Aahil’s mother and his friend who seems to play double game and tell Aahil’s mother that he does not want to listen to anything about you, and also he tells her that he is looking for jobs and getting rejected. Her mother feels bad at hearing that she says she wants every detail about where he has applied.

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