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Daldal episode 25 review: Armeena Khan nails it as the perturbed Hira!

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Daldal keeps impressively raising issues like curses of riba and visiting fake peers


Daldal has managed to keep us hooked to its story line from the very first episode. It might have started off as a simple story, but over time this drama has gone on to raise serious social issues, those which haven’t been tackled ever before.

This week, the drama went a step ahead and put forward the issues of fake peers and how illegal immigrants can get into one mess after another in a foreign country. Shuja’s hardships and whatever he is facing in London is the fruit of his own doing. He has destroyed not only his but Hira’s as well as Mubasshir (his son’s) life while trying to work out a living as an illegal immigrant.

The episode started with a hard arguement between Preet and Shuja which resulted in Preet throwing Shuja out of her home and divorcing him. Kubra Khan very brilliantly put on that Punjabi accent and carried well that Sikhni character. Shuja went to his Sikh friend who coldly told him that he would only help him in the morning, leaving Shuja alone in the cold. Things got worse when there was a raid on the resturant where Shuja worked, resulting in the owner of the place being involved in a drug scam. Even though, Shuja managed to escape but he is now wanted and police is after him. His life is in shambles.

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Last week, Hira was fortunately rescued by her mother when her mother in law left her with the fake peer who was all set to take advantage of her. This week, Hira’s mother tell her that she has had enough and now wants Hira to divorce Shuja and pick back the pieces of her life. Armeena Khan as Hira has proven the girl is not just a pretty face. Imagine the glam queen Armeena is and look at how she’s portraying Hira and you’ll become an instant fan. Armeena truly has put life and soul into Hira’s character bringing out her best performance to date.

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Well Hira’s mother was in furious rage when she called Shuja and told her all what his mother did to Hira and his son. Shuja was furious as he calls his mother and tells her that he is broken and that she will now see his dead body.

Is this a foreboding note? Would Shuja’s fate be this? . Hira’s mother want her to take divorce from Shuja and eventually Hira will come under influence even if  she doesn’t want to. Will Hira be able to ask for divorce in court? What will be the future of Hira and Shuja’s relation. All this and more will be answered in the next episode of Daldal, next week.

From direction to Qaisera Hayat’s script, each and everything is on point when it comes to Daldal. Like its name, the drama has managed to capture us and we’re stuck with it, no matter what. (not that we mind sticking to it in the first place!)

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