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Deewaar-e Shab Episode 5 Review: Sitara hears about Feroza’s death after a decade

Another of Hum TV’s drama that has taken a spot on our must watch list is the novel based drama serial drama serial, Deewar E Shab, with its beautiful story-line and incredible performances. Aliya Bukhari has very beautifully done the dramatization of her own novel and the play is brilliantly helmed by Iqbal Hussain. The story revolves around the house of a courtesan Sitara and her struggles of running her house.

In the previous episode we have seen that Faiz Ahmed died in a road accident leaving behind twin daughters and a grieving Nagina. It seems like Nagina’s world has turned upside down. Sitara is grieved too but her attitude is really very positive towards raising Nagina’s daughters. Dildaar is so heartless that she is even celebrating their miseries too. She is so insensitive that she clearly tells Nagina that she cannot let her meet her daughter as she is ill fated and it would be ill omen to meet her when she is going to Dubai for work. It is the moment when Nagina thinks of taking her life but then she makes a promise to herself that she will work hard and will raise her daughters like princesses.


Nagina once again starts working for films as it was really very difficult to run the house expenses, Sitara has started selling her jewellery but then Nagina makes up her mind that she will work hard and she will earn. Sitara wishes her blessings and a course of ten years passes by in a flick, Nagina’s daughters are now grown up kids and despite being twins they are poles apart, Sandal is very beautiful but extremely moody while on the other hand Gaitee ara is a simpleton and obedient.


Well it seems like that the contrast in sister’s attitudes will lead to an interesting story. Shaama and Ustaad Sahab is always there at Sitara’s house, Shaama takes care of Nagina’s daughters while Ustaad Sahab gives them lessons which seems like Gaiti is only interested in taking them while Sandal spends all her time sleeping.


Here in this episode we get some insights of Feroza that she was married to some rich man who is very caring and loving towards her but he fails to provide Feroza her due respect and status in his family and it seems like that man left Feroza with his child. s

We then see that a journalist brings along with him a boy to Sitara’s place and introduces the child to Sitara as late Feroza’son! What does it mean? Is Feroza  dead!? What actually happened to her? Seems like things will be revealed in the next episode.

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