Deewar e Shab Episode 10 Review: Khayyam betrays Gaiti

The drama serial Deewar e Shab, based on a novel by Aliya Bukhari has been dramatized herself and so offers a rather enjoyable experience on screen. The drama has a rather different storyline that just entertains rather than lectures and brings across some good performances, making Deewar E Shab a good watch every week.

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So what went on in Deewar E Shab this week? Read on to find out;

The episode begins when Nagina is on cloud nine, busy in preparation of a grand celebration of Gaiti and Khayyam’s engagement. She wants all the details of the event to be perfect. Whereas there is grieve going at Dildaar’s place where Almas is not yet over with news of Khayyam’s engagement and she is not ready to perform in any of her upcoming functions which is scaring the hell out of her Nani and mother.

All is going well, Nagina has never been that much happy and so is Gaiti. Her twin sister Sandal too is coming to attend her engagement but then an unfortunate incident happens.

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Khayyam overhears a conversation by two people on the street where two men discuss Sitara Jahan’s house and their way of life. According to them this engagement is just a drama to show the world and this way, Gaiti will get the liberty to do whatever she wants, just like Gaiti’s mother Nagina did when she married Faiz. The two also discuss Khayyam’s mother Feroza and how she eloped with a guy. Khayyam is angered upon listening to everything and is ready to take severe measures.

Well to add more oil into this fire, Almas too comes in his way and it makes us all wonder why he has to stop and listen to all her rubbish when he hates her so much.  Almas spews her venom in Khayyam’s troubling mind by saying that he hates her just because she is a dancer but who is Gaiti, the daughter of an extra and who is he, the daughter of a dancer Feroza who eloped with her lover.

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It seems like Khayyam has made up his mind to leave the place before his engagement. The way he is looking at Gaiti for the last time is very intense but it makes us think what a mean and selfish person Khayyam is. Not for a single time he is realizing the fact that how much love his Nani and Khala has given it to him and how much Gaiti loves him, he is so mean that he not just betrays Gaiti but also robs her jewelry and runs away from the house in the middle of the night!

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