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Deewar e Shab Episode 11 Review: Gaiti gets the biggest shock of her life!

Khayyam abandons his family once again, just like his mother did


The play which has been depicting the ups, downs and challenges the life of courtesans faced earlier, Deewaar e Shab on aired its 11th episode and ensured the audience stay engaged. The play has evolved with the story of Sitara’s grandchildren all grown up and how her house is once again in shambles after being deceived by her daughter’s son.

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What went on in this week’s episode of Deewar E Shab, read on to find out.

The episode begins when heartless and selfish Khayyam sneaks out from house in the middle of the night leaving behind his love and his family who raised him with so much care and love. Doing more than what was imagined of him, Khayyam steals all jewelry of his Nani and Gaiti before leaving the house making one wonder that if he hates the ways of a courtesan’s life then why he is taking their money.


The next day Gaiti gets the biggest shock of her life, not in her wildest dreams she would have imagined that Khayyam would have leave her like that! Well we see the entry of Gaiti’s twin sister Sandal who also seems a insensitive as it is. Sandal is okay with her sister but she behaves very oddly with her grandmother, taunting her for trusting Feroza’s son Khayyam.

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On the other hand, Zobia is now showing her true colors to Salman and Salman and his family truly deserves this! She on her mother’s advice demands Salman a cheque of 20 lacks for her dresses and jewelry for the wedding. Joya’s grandmother is still dreaming of Maaz and Joya’s marriage and it seems so odd that even after Joya’s parents have broken the relationship but still Dadi talks about their marriage which pisses Maaz’s mother and she clearly tells her husband that she does not want Maaz to marry Joya.


Well Shehzad Shaikh makes his second appearance in the play as Salar and that too again in a very mysterious way, he again offers help to Khayyam despite of his very rude and cold attitude, books his ticket, gives him snacks and also his card to contact him anytime he needs him but Khayyam still behaves rudely and coldly despite of all these favors. Well one wonders who is Salar? Why he is so obsessed with Khayyam and for helping him out?

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