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Deewar e Shab Episode13 Review: Khayyam is in trouble!

Deewar e Shab, the drama serial on HUM TV has now become one of our favorite Prime Time watch, having a best story line and interesting characters. The play is based on the novel of the same title by Aliya Bukhari, who has also done the dramatization of the play.  At the same time it is brilliantly executed by Iqbal Hussain. Bushra Ansari is beautifully portraying her character as courtesan Sitara Jahan. Shehzaad Shaikh, Sara Khan and Sheroze Subzwari have also come up with some amazing performances.

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The episode begins when Khayyam is thinking to sell the jewellery he has stolen from Sitara Jahan and while he is checking all the jewellery he finds Gaitee’s bangles and it reminds him of her, a strong sense of guilt overcomes him, he is thinking that what would Gaiti be thinking of him as he has stolen her jewellery. He safely set aside those bangles from other jewellery. He asks a goldsmith if he can buy jewellery. to which goldsmith replies that boys of your age usually come up with stolen stuff on which Khayyam tells a lie that all the jewellery belonged to his dead mother.


Salar Jung this time visits the courtesan bazaar to do some TV shoot, yes he is that mysterious guy who helped Khayyam, and while shooting he catches a glimpse of Gaitee ara and he quickly snaps her picture, it seems that Salar is lovestruck. Salar finds an excuse to enter Sitara Jahan’s house and says that  he wants to shoot Sitara Jahan’s singing.


Zobia shows Salman the luxurious house her father has gifted to her and Salman is going gaga over that house and when Salman tells his family about it they are also on cloud 9 except Joya. Although, Joya is still avoiding Maaz but her heart still beats for him and she got extremely worried when she hears the news of Maaz was injured by some drug mafia guys for standing against them and helping the street children.


Khayyam is in real trouble when he comes back visiting the goldsmith to his hotel room to take out the jewellery so he could sell it. His jewellery is stolen,  yes, the jewellery Khayyam stole gets stolen except for those bangles he put aside. Khayyam is now freaking out, he goes to Police to report but the Police officer starts cross questioning him, he thinks that the jewellery he is talking about is stolen, if its not then he should give the details and receipts. when Khayyam tells a lie that it was his dead mother’s jewellery they start asking about his parents and his background.

The episode ends when the owner of the hotel asks Khayyam when why he will checkout? and eventually Khayyam looses his cool and tells him that he has been robbed.

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