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Deewar-e-Shab Episode 14 Review: Salaar gets successful in impressing Gaiti!

Now Nagina is aming at Sandal to become a top heroine.


Deewar e Shab is undoubtedly a very engaging drama serial which revolves around the life of a courtesan Sitara Jahan and her family. Focusing on her struggles, the story shows how hard she is trying to keep her family’s honour and norms. Sitara is not influenced by the modern world and has never adopted ways to gain instant fame and money. The play is based on a novel written by Aliya Bukhari. Bushra Ansari has outdone her role as Sitara Jahan and Shehzad Shaikh, Sara Khan, and Shehroze Subzwari have also come up with amazing performances.

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Salaar Jung has started to frequently visit Siatara Jahan so that he can get a chance to see Gaiti. He has also recorded Sitara Jahan’s singing. Sitara Jahan calls Gaiti and introduces her to Salaar Jun,  and she also tells that Gaiti is a great student and she wants to find an economics tutor for her. Salaar offers his services as a tutor on which Sitara Jahan happily agrees. On the other hand, Sherazi is offering a private function to Nagina to intentions to create a scandal, to which Nagina refuses and then he goes to Dildar’s house to ask for Almas.


On the other hand, Khayyam has decided to leave the city now he has no money left, as all his jewellery was been stolen in the last episode, but then hotel owner offers him to stay with him and work for him and in return agrees to pay him work his work. Khayyam accepts his offer, as he has no other choice left, and starts working for him and the owner is also happy from his work. Khayyam has noticed that owner’s son is missing from the work, and he inquires about him from the owner, to which owner replies that his son left for Bangkok. Upon hearin that, Khayyam wonders form where did he get money to travell and gets suspicious whether the owner’s son has stolen his jewellry.


Islam’s brother Izhaar comes to meet him and warns him to keep his son away from all such disputes, in a very insulting and rude tone. Joya also goes to see Maaz at the place where he teaches street children and having a look at him makes worried for him. Joya and Maaz have a little argument and Joya leaves the place in an angry mood while Maaz goes after her to call her back but she had already left. Moreover, Izhaar and his wife invite Islam and his family in a very insulting way and give them cash too forcefully by saying that you all should come dressed well in good attires as they don’t want to give any bad impression on Salman’s in-laws.


Salaar gets successful in impressing Gaiti, being an excellent teacher and Gaiti also loves the way he shows reverence to her grandmother and her family. Sandal is now taking dance classes from the dance master. Nagina wants her to become a top film heroine but she gets extremely depressed with current scenarios and by watching Almas gaining fame and money. Salaar is an exact opposite of Khayyam, he is unlike him, loves Sitara Jahan’s art and shows immense respect for her. This is what making Gaiti’s heart to melt for Salaar.

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