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Deewar e Shab Episode 16 Review: Gaiti thinks she can survive without Khayyam

Salaar asks his friend to cast Sandal in his serial.


Deewar e Shab the drama serial based on a novel by Aliya Bukhari revolves around the life and struggles of a courtesan Sitara Jahan and her family. The play has a heavy cast including the legendary Bushra Ansari as the main character, she has brilliantly outdone her role and then we have Sara Khan, Shehzad Shaikh, Shehroze Subzwari, Kinza Hashmi and Osama Tahir all are incredibly performing their roles.

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The episode begins when Khayyam is down with fever and is talking nonsensical things to the hotel owner who is taking great care for him. Then as soon as he gets better he thinks of moving out. The hotel owner is not happy with his decision and his sadness is disturbing Khayyam. Well, for the very first time we have seen Khayyam caring for anyone’s feelings except for Gaiti. He really wants to see the hotel owner happily and says bye to him but then we have seen that the hotel owner receives a call and it seems that it is not good news and then Khayyam listens to that call, well we wonder what has happened?


Salar is so obsessed with Gaiti and his family that he insists his director friend cast Sandal in some serial or film. To which the director says that he is not currently doing any film but he will try his best to fit in Sandal for a role in some serial. Salaar and his friend visit Sitara Jahan and takes her permission for the play, although Sitara Jahan knows the fact that Nagina wants Sandal to do a big banner film but she knows that they need to be realistic as she has just sold her last piece of jewelry.


Well, Nagina’s reaction is very strong when she comes to know that Sitara Jahan has given Sandal permission to work in a serial! For her, working in a serial is an insult as she is dreaming of making Sandal a top Film heroine. Nagina is literally broken to hear that but Sitara Jahan knows that this is the only chance of their survival as it is not so hard to run the house. Gaiti Ara is also getting strong and now she thinks that she can survive without Khayyam.


Joya is extremely happy when she gets to know that Maaz has cleared his papers. Zubia has clearly told Salman that she do not like her elder sister Gul and Salman agrees on what Zubia says. Zubia likes Joya and she wants to have little chat with her in which he discusses their childhood engagements of Salman and Rabia and of her and Maaz, on which Joya says that her relationship has not broken with Maaz because she will never let it happen. Zubiya finds Joya very interesting. The play ends at Khayyam entering the house! is he back?

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