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Deewar e Shab Episode-19 Review: Gaitee Ara’s heart now beats for Salaar

Gaitee Ara graduates

Drama - Deewar e Shab Episode-19 Review

Based on Aliya Bukhari’s novel, Deewaar e Shab is a tale about the life and struggles of a courtesan Sitara Jahan and her family. The dramatization of this novel is also done by Aliya Bukhari. The play is exhibiting some of the finest performances by Bushra Ansari as the lead role of Sitara Jahan and also by Sara Khan, Sheroze Subzwari, Shehzad Shaikh, Kinza Hashmi, Osama Tahir, and others.

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Yousuf Kamal goes to Sitara Jahan’s house to inquire about his son Khayyam but Nagina refuses to help him, insults him and throws him out of the house. She hersef becomes extremely disturbed on seeing Yousuf. Izhaar Sahab and his wife are now tasting their own medicine when their own son refuses to help him in clearing up the loan, Izhaar took for his Wedding against mortgaging their house. He tells that he will be in trouble if Salman does not help him, Salman tells that he has left his job because Zubia and her father has asked her to do that but he will try his best to help him out in this matter.


Khayyam is working in the hotel when he learns that some girl comes to meet him, he goes and sees that Babu Bhai’s niece has come to see him. Khayyam talks very rudely and coldly with her and tells his co-workers that next time any woman comes to see him do not tell him as he knows no girl in this world. Whereas the girl seems to be very much in love with Khayyam. Then Khayyam has a heated argument with the customer in the hotel when he refuses to take the tip from him.


Gaitee Ara does not want to listen to Khayyam’s name, now her heart beats for Salaar. She becomes restless when he does not comes to see her, she waits for him. Nagina is getting mad on the fact that Gaitee Ara does not know any ways of being courtesan she has no music and dance training when Salaar enters and he shares the great news that Gaitee Ara is now a graduate! Nagina’s moods suddenly change and she is extremely happy and she is being grateful to Salaar!


Joya has still not given up on Maaz, she daily goes at his work place and sits there as a protest, Maaz has no choice but to listen to her. Joya is almost begging Maaz to get himself a decent job, Maaz tells him that if he gets a job and works hard still he and his family will be unacceptable to her family but Joya is not ready to accept this harsh reality. She is extremely broken when she learns that some guests have come to see her for seeking a proposal.

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