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Deewar e Shab Episode-23 Review: Salaar wants Gaitee to forgive Khayyam

Joya and Maaz coincidentally meets in a bazzar

Deewar e Shab Episode-23 ReviewIn this episode Salaar wants Gaitee to forgive Khayyam.

The drama serial Deewar e Shab, one of the most engaging Prime Time Watch is a play based on Aliya Bukhari’s novel Deewar e Shab is a tale that revolves around the courtesan Sitara Jahan and her struggles to keep her values alive. The play has a heavy cast with lots of characters played by the most promising stars of our industry including Bushra Ansari as Sitara Jahan, Sara Khan, Shehroze Subzwari, Shehzad Shaikh, Kinza Hashmi, Osama Tahir, and others.

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Sitara Jahan visits Dildaar and scolds her on his ways of doing cheap shows. He reminds her of their family values. Dildaar and her daughter Gulnaaz try their best to cool down Sitara but she is very furious and leaves the place after schooling Dildaar. The very next day Dildaar, Almas and Gulnaaz are leaving for Dubai and Sandal looks at them envying Almas and her success. Nagina catches Sandal looking at them like that. Nagina scolds Sandal for envying their lifestyle in front of her mother,Sandal says that it’s her own mistake that she is deprived of from what Almas has today. What is wrong if she let her work with Dildaar. Nagina loses her cool and badly scolds Sandal on saying this.


Maaz and Joya coincidentally meet in a bazaar, she is buying some dry fruits when Maaz pays her bill on seeing that she is running short of money. The most heart breaking dialogue between them is when Maaz says that her engagement ladoos were very tasty on which she replies that but Gulab Jamans were distributed on her engagement. Izhar’s inquiry at his office is getting strict and he is now in real trouble, Salman has clearly refused to help them out and now he is asking his wife to sell all the jewellery on which she makes a lot of hue and cry.


Yousuf Kamal’s sister Zartaj marries her secretary who is quite young than her in age. It is her third or fourth marriage. Yousuf Kamal’s wife is really mad on hearing the news about her marrying her own secretary. Yousuf Kamal is too not happy with it, he goes to visit his sister scolds her but it seems that she has not been affected so he leaves the place without even shaking hands with his brother-in-law. Babu Bhai’s son asks Khayyam to forgive him.


Salaar visits Sitara Jahan and she speaks her heart out to him, telling him Khayyam story of leaving Gaitee and running away at the eve of his Nikkah. Salaar he is insisting Gaitee to forgive Khayyam, instead of saying to forget him, he asks her to forgive him! Moreover, he is planning to find him and bring him back here. He is really a gem of a person.

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