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Deewar-e-Shab Episode-24 Review: Sitara Jahan feels that her art has become outdated now

Salaar also goes at Babu Bhai's hotel!

Deewar-e-ShabIn this episode Sitara Jahan feels that her art has become outdated now - OyeYeah

Deewar-e-Shab drama serial based on Aliya Bukhari’s novel with the same title is a story that revolves around the life of a courtesan and her struggle of saving her dying art and values. The story portrays the hardships she is facing in the contemporary world, where there is no one to praise her art and her values are considered outdated. Bushra Ansari has very brilliantly carried her role as Sitara Jahan.

The episode begins when Salaar goes to Karachi to find Khayyam and there he reaches the same hotel of Babu Bhai but Khayyam sees Salaar and tries to hide and later he leaves the place on Babu Bhai’s son instructions who although has apologized Khayyam on all his past acts but is still carrying evil expressions on his face. Well, Salaar fails to find Khayyam so he goes to a house which is a very big bungalow with lots of servants, if it is his own house then he must be a very rich person.


Sitara Jahan after a long time is going to play, she has a fear that in this modern world she will have very few admirers of her dying art but Shaama and Nagina try to make her feel like better and tell her that it is going to be a great Mehfil. Well, unfortunately that happens what Sitara Jahan is fearing, one of the people at the mehfil stops Sitara Jahan in the middle and asks her that why she is playing so outdated music he wants to listen to something fast and of modern age, he compares her with her sister Dildaar’s and says that she should learn something from her sister.


Sitara Jahan is really heartbroken by this, his words that “Ye aapkay bas ki baat nahi” is echoing at her head. Sandal has created a lot of fuss out of this situation she feels like they are badly humiliated and she blames her mother for that, she tells her sister that it is now their age to earn and they do not know to earn and help her family and their mother is dreaming of making her a top heroine.


Maaz is not ready for marriage he clearly stops her mother for searching girls. Izhar’s family issues are getting in trouble and Salman is not helping them at all. Izhar Sahab, his wife and Javeria go to Salman’s and Zubia ‘s house where they get humiliated. Guard has not allowed to let his car enter inside the gate and then Zubia badly insults Javeria and she clearly tells her to go out! Joya makes a lot of fun of Javeria when she sees her crying on getting insulted.

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