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Deewar e Shab Episode-27 Review: Salaar eventually finds Khayyam

Deewar e Shab the drama serial which is based Aaliya Bukhari’s novel of the same title is an interesting watch. The story revolves around courtesan Sitara Jahan and her struggles. Bushra Ansari is outdoing her character as Sitara Jahan. In this episode, Salaar Jung eventually finds Khayyam and Joya’s in-laws are demanding for a house in dowry.

Yousuf Kamal invites Salaar Jung at his house for dinner. It seems that Salaar is Yousuf Sahab and his family’s favorite even Zubia likes him too. Yousuf Kamal’s wife wants Salaar to become Yousuf’s business partner. Zartaaj and his husband are wondering that Salaar getting close with Yousuf Kamal might create troubles for them. Zartaaj has been a very cruel stepmother to Salaar and he has many bitter memories of his childhood.


Sandal is pretending to have a heroine like attitude right before the beginning she makes the car waiting for her. Nagina accompanies her into the studios where Shiraazi is now treating her totally different. Baali takes Sandal into another studio and tells her that she has to do what he has in order to be successful. It seems like Baali may going to take Sandal’s advantage. Later we see that the makeup artist snubs Nagina badly and Baali and Sandal quietly watch all this and moreover Nagina scolds her mother for standing in the corridors.


Joya’s mother in law starts showing her true colors. She is demanding a 500 yards house in dowry! Moreover, Joya’s fiance taunts Joya about Maaz well it is making us wonder that how come he knows about Maaz and her affiliation with him. How come he knows that he used to meet her outside the college, who has told him all these things? Javeria? How can she do that with Joya! Javeria and her mother are shocked to see Joya’s mother in law’s demands they are cursing them for being greedy well the irony is that they themselves were greedy at Salman’s wedding.


Salaar’s assistant puts Khayyam’s pic in the newspaper as missing people and also a prize offering to the person who finds him. Salaar gets worried when he gets to know about it but then he receives a call from the supervisor of the constructor site Khayyam is working that he has found him and he is too claiming the prize. Salaar reaches there and there he finds Khayyam, he also sees Salaar.

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