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Deewar e Shab Episode-28 Review: Khayyam once again rejects Gaitee

Based on Aaliya Bukari’s novel Deewaar e Shab, the play is a beautiful depiction of life and struggles of courtesan Sitara Jahan and her family who are not gelling well with contemporary ways of the world. This episode also depicts how Nagina is hurt although her dream of making Sandal a top heroine has come true, but she still cannot go with Sandal on sets as the film as the director of the film do not want her heroine to be introduced the daughter of an extra.

Salaar finds Khayyam but he is not ready to talk with him. Salaar tells him that he has come here to take him back to Gaitee. Khayyam very heartlessly taunts him for going at Gaitee’s place but he clears tells that he goes there to teach her on which he says bluntly that now what will she is going to do Ph.D. or Masters? Salaar offers him to marry Gaitee and also that he will fully support his family but Khayyam once again stone heartily rejects Gaitee by saying that for him they all are dead. Salaar is really disappointed to hear Khayyam’s reply.


Salman clearly refuses to help his mother for fulfilling Joya’s mother in law’s demands. She has a fight with Javeria where he bluntly suggests that they should marry off Joya to Maaz as he is much better than her husband and during the fight, Javeria is also praising Rabia for being so beautiful and she is calling Zubia Ugly on which Salman says that it was she who had an issue with him marrying Rabia.


Baali tells Sandal that he wants her to introduce into the industry as heroine from a renowned background, she wants him to introduce her as Sitara Jahan’s grand daughter but he cannot afford to ruin his reputation by introducing Nagina who used to be an extra in the films to be the mother of his heroine, so Sandal stops her mother from coming with her on sets. It has literally broken Nagina but then Sitara Jahan makes her feel good by saying that she is her pride!


Salaar’s step mother’s husband is a very cheap kind of person, he makes an old servant of the house polish his boots and later he insults him when Salaar and Yousuf Kamaal watch this. Salaar becomes so furious when he sees his old servant who he considered as his chacha polishing boots of that cheap man and getting insulted by him. He slaps Nabeel so hard and then makes him apologize that servant for his conduct, it is all making Yousuf Kamal very happy to see Salaar taking care of his servants and snubbing his brother in law who he himself does not approve.

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