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Deewar e Shab Episode-29 Review: Sandal is shifting into a new house!

Khayyam meets Maaz

Deewar e Shab Episode-29 ReviewIn this episode Sandal is shifting into a new house - OyeYeah Drama Review

Deewar e Shab the drama serial based on Aaliya Bukhari’s novel with the same title is one of the most engaging serials running on HUM TV. Bushra Ansari has outdone her role as Sitara Jahan, the courtesan on which the whole story of the play moves around. In this episode, Khayyam meets Maaz and Sitara Jahan in a press conference says that her daughter Feroza was childless.

The episode begins when Sandal and her film director Baali holds a press conference where Sitara Jahan and Nagina are present. Baali announces his film with Sandal under the banner of Baali Films where he also invites Sitara Jahan to talk. She wishes Baali and his project all well and also praises her daughter Nagina for being very strong. Later in one of the questions raised by the audiences about Feroza and his son, Sitara Jahan denies the existence of Khayyam at all she says that her daughter was childless. Khayyam hears all this and he is a bit sad to hear that but he is on the other hand grateful that her Nani has saved him.


Sandal’s director drops her at home and wants a copy of the script when Nagina and her old friends who used to work with her as the extras come to see her and they are insisting her to show her some of her old dance moves which they miss a lot. Nagina is dancing on their demand when Baali watches her dancing, he gets so mad at Sandal and he warns her that she might lose her future projects if she will not control her mother.


Sandal creates a lot of hues and cry and she blames her mother for creating troubles in her career. Nagina accepts her mistake and she promises that she will never going to repeat it and moreover she says that she will apologize Baali on her mistake but she will never let her career ruin. Gaitee Ara gets furious on this but Nagina stops her. Sandal is packing her stuff as she is shifting to her new house Baali has given her and she is asking all her family to shift with her. Will Sitara Jahan is going to shift with her too and leave her house?


Khayyam meets Maaz and it seems that he shares all of his story with Maaz. Well it sounds so strange that he do not share anything with anyone and meets Maaz for the first time and shares everything with him, Maaz keeps him in the house and it seems that Khayyam has recognized Islam and this old house and he feels like home there. It seems that Rabia likes Khayyam too. Dildaar is extremely jealous of Nagina and their success. She in desperation proudly confesses in front of Gulnaz and Almas that she is the one who helps Feroza in her elopement not realizing that her servant Champa is listening all this!


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