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Deewar-e-Shab Episode 3 Review: Nagina is trying hard to support her mother

Deewar e Shab has come off as a classic ever since it started airing. Three episodes down, the story line by Aliya Bukhari is impressive and the dramatization of the novel under director Iqbal Hussain has been wonderful. Zara Noor Abbas stood out with her cameo but its Nausheen Shah who brings her A game to the drama.

The story of Deewar E Shab revolves around the struggle of courtesan whose daughter has eloped with her lover, leaving her grieved and helpless as she was the sole earner of the house. So what happened in the third episode of the play, read along to find out.

The episode begins when Nagina is trying to comfort her grieved mother as she is traumatized by Feroza’s sudden elopement. Nagina realizes that Dildar has not waited for a single day nor she shared their grief but in fact she gets a feeling that Dildar is celebrating their misery, Nagina knows her reality so she never get impressed with Dildar’s sugary talks and pretension of love.


It is shown that months have been passed by and Feroza’s mother is still not able to overcome the heartbreak but now the family needs money to run their house. Nagina thinks about supporting her mother but she is not as good as Feroza nor she is a trained dancer like her but still she wants to work and help out her family. She tries to arrange Mahfils at home but no one comes to see her dance and all visitors divert to Dildar’s place.


Well it is true that Dildar’s plotting has been successful and Feroza’s absence has increased Dildar’s earning. People have no choice but to see Dildar’s daughter Dilnaz’s dance as Nagina does not know the art of dancing well and moreover Dildar’s daughter is getting lots of offers from television and films.


Nagina gets extremely worried when they receive a final notice on not paying electricity bills. Feroza’s mother sells off her jewelry but is left broke. Nagina asks her mother’s permission to work in the film industry. Nagina gets small roles but she agrees on doing the work as now it is matter of their survival.

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