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Deewar-e-Shab Episode 31 Review: Salaar gets shot, he is critically injured

Izhar gets caught in corruption cases and gets jailed

Deewar-e-Shab Episode 31 ReviewIn this episode Salaar gets shot, he is critically injured - OyeYeah News

This episode of Dewaar e Shab, the drama serial based on Aaliya Bukhari’s novel with the same title running on HUM TV, is a very happening one, with Salaar getting seriously injured in an attack and Izhar getting Jailed and his family getting in shambles. The play is showcasing some remarkable performances.

The episode begins when Zartaaj’s youngest husband goes to the Almas place with Shiraazi and he is posing as he belongs to a very rich family, Almas mother and Nani being the greediest easily gets impressed and this time Almaas too gets impressed with the quality of gifts and she is ready to flirt with him. Nabeel is such a cheat that he is spending his time with Almaas telling her that he loves her and when Zartaaj calls her he says that he is missing her.


Nabeel is such an evil person that he plots an attack on Salaar in which Salaar survives but he is in very critical condition and his manager Siddiqui dies. Yousuf Kamal is extremely disturbed to hear about Salaar he warns her sister that she and her husband is going to be in great trouble if anything bad going to happen and since Siddiqui has died, Salaar is now not going to spare them. Zartaaj does not know about this murder attempt scheme of Nabeel. She calls him and tells him to live there for a while too and later she tells him that Salaar has survived on which he gets disturbed.


Nagina, Sandal and Gaitee Ara have shifted to the new house in Defence. Gaitee Ara is extremely upset to leave her house and Nani. Izhaar Sahab is caught in four different corruption cases and now he is sent to the Jail. Salman gets panicked but he is clever enough to get his share, he sells the house saying that this house is named after him and then he sells everything furniture and all and now Joya and mother will have to live in a very small house.


Islam is very upset to know about his brother getting caught in cases and also on knowing that Joya and her mother is living alone in a very small house. Maaz and his mother are still angry with Izhaar’s family and they are not showing any sympathetic feelings whereas Islam is a true gentleman he is truly worried about his brother and his family. Islam’s mother is also extremely worried about his son and his family but Maaz stops him to go to their new house. Is Maaz still angry with Joya despite knowing what she and her family are going through?

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